Concentrated Alpha Equities

Concentrated Alpha Equities combines high active share with an integrated ESG approach to provide investors with a 'truly active' solution.

Why Concentrated Alpha Equities?

  • Investment boutique with an independent decision making process, leveraging all resources of UBS Asset Management
  • Lean and nimble team with access to extensive internal and external resources
  • Flexible and benchmark agnostic approach resulting in strong risk-adjusted returns in varying market environments 
  • Focus on high active share since inception 
  • ESG as an integral part of the investment process

Our approach

We seek to invest in the best risk vs. reward stocks that not only offer attractive upside but limited downside risk.

Our differentiated "3-circle" process combines fundamental, quantitative and qualitative information sources, which are mutually independent and uncorrelated.

For more details: Sales Profile (PDF, 257 KB)

Your needs, our solutions

With over 15 years of experience in stock picking, the team has grown its client base and assets, ranging across long only and long/short equities in both the Global and European space.

Global Equity Concentrated Alpha

An actively managed strategy based on an unconstrained portfolio of stocks globally. 

Nicole Lim discusses the team's profile, investment philosophy and process.

Latest views

Q4 Market Review and Outlook

Max Anderl and Nicole Lim exchange their views on global equity markets, how the strategy performed in Q4 2019 and what investors can expect in 2020.

European Opportunity Unconstrained

An actively managed strategy based on an unconstrained portfolio of long and short positions, allow us to take advantage of declining stock prices.

Nicole Lim discusses the team's profile, investment philosophy and process.

Latest views

Q4 Market Review and Outlook

Listen to Max Anderl and Nicole Lim give an update on the European equity market, how the strategy performed in Q4 2019 and where the opportunities lie in the year ahead.

Our team

Investment team

The team is headed by lead portfolio manager Max Anderl, who is supported by deputy portfolio manager Jeremy Leung and Equity Specialist Nicole Lim. The structure of our team and the clear split in responsibilities allows us to react quickly and effectively to new opportunities that arise in the market. At the same time, we have access to a diverse and reliable set of resources internally and externally.

Max Anderl, CFA

Lead Portfolio Manager
(New stocks and portfolio construction)

Years of industry experience: 20
Years with UBS: 19

Jeremy Leung, CFA

Deputy Portfolio Manager
(Reviews existing holdings)

Years of industry experience: 14
Years with UBS: 12

Nicole Lim, CFA

Equity Specialist
(Reviews existing holdings and ESG)

Years of industry experience: 6
Years with UBS: 6

Leveraging the full global resources of UBS Asset Management

  • Equity analysts and portfolio managers 
  • Equity specialists and client support functions
  • Centralized trading desks around the globe
  • IT and operational portfolio management
  • Dedicated ESG resources 
  • Independent risk monitoring
  • Legal and Compliance
  • 3000+ individuals globally

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