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Preparing portfolios for climate change

Investing in Climate Aware solutions

Committing to climate change is no longer optional, it is essential.
Become a Climate Aware investor.

What could a warmer world mean for investors?

The potential impacts of climate changes are physical, regulatory and technological, which will all be felt in the short term but even more so over the long term. To address climate change and avoid a climate crisis, urgent change is needed.

Bruno Bertocci

Head of the Global Sustainable Equities team

A focus on our Active Climate Aware equity offering as the pandemic has seen an impulse to "rebuild" society and economies in a new way, with climate change at the center.

Insights from Nobel Laureates


The 17 United Nations Global Goals are the way to a sustainable future.  We've joined forces with BOTTLETOP, a sustainable accessories brand who created #TOGETHERBAND to raise awareness and funds for the goals.

17 goals, 17 bands. You get two bands – one to wear, one to share. And all the profits go to projects working towards the goals. This is centered around the conviction that none of the goals, including SDG #13Climate Action, can be achieved without collective, multi-sector action.

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