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Talking "Unsettled Business" with Mike Ryan, UBS Divisional Vice Chairman


Liz DeMontrond and Liz Lockwood, from UBS' Young Lockwood Sauer Team in Houston, interview UBS Divisional Vice Chairman and former Chief Investment Officer Americas Mike Ryan. Liz and Liz pick Mike's brain on the Federal Reserve, the recent banking fallout, and opportunities in the investment landscape. Tune into why he thinks there is "unsettled business" in the macro environment and what he thinks makes today's market uniquely unique.

Market Outlook with Chris Wallis, Vaughan Nelson


Liz DeMontrond and Barry Young sit down with Chris Wallis, CEO and CIO of Vaughan Nelson Investment Management. Chris provides us with his thoughts on different parts of financial and economic markets, as well as his take on moving to Houston from Boston, how the investment business has changed over the year, and the grade he would give the Federal Reserve for their performance over the past few years (spoiler alert: it's not an A).

Around the Turn with Bruce Davidson, Director of Golf forthe Friedkin Group


Liz DeMontrond and Brian Sauer sit down with Bruce Davidson, Director of Golf for the Friedkin Group to talk golf. We discuss Bruce's thoughts on the sport right now, what the LIV controversy is really about, who he is watching as the sport's up-and-comers, and his favorite courses to play.

The Outlook for Global Real Estate with Jennifer Jones


Liz DeMontrond and Barry Young host Jennifer Jones, Senior Portfolio Manager for UBS Asset Management's Global Real Estate Fund. Jennifer will walk us through dynamics at play in the global real estate market, which has experienced tremendous appreciation over the past 3 years. Jennifer will answer questions around opportunities in the asset class, areas of potential slowdown, and inflationary pressures.

Tennis is Back!


Liz DeMontrond and Barry Young are excited for Tennis! The US Men's Clay Court Championship is back, and we have Tournament Director Bronwyn Greer and Tournament Chair Cynthia Adkins to tell us all about what is in store for April. This is going to be a historic event for a number of reasons, and we discuss everything from the history of the Tournament to all of the things we have to look forward to in April.

Energy Market Outlook with Brad Olsen, Recurrent Investment Advisors


Liz DeMontrond and Charles Litton talk energy markets with co-founder and co-Portfolio Manager of Recurrent Investment Advisors, Brad Olsen. We discuss how certain events and "buzzwords" of 2021 shaped energy markets and what to expect ahead. Finally, Brad gives his take on the energy transition and the industry's focus on environmental impact.

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