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5 Things with Tracy Byrnes

5 Things with Tracy Byrnes is a fast, fun, informative way for female founders to gather the knowledge they need to run their business. Byrnes, a former FOX Business anchor and reporter, is now a financial advisor with a mission to empower, encourage and enlighten female entrepreneurs. In each episode she will pull from her arsenal of experts to help founders take their businesses to the next level. Every episode will offer the "5 things" they need to know about a particular subject, so come ready to laugh and learn as we tackle everything from getting loans to analyzing cash flow.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Companies with Gender Equality


There now is financial and economic proof that female empowerment is connected to economic performance. So it's no longer just about doing the right thing morally, it's also about doing the right thing for your portfolio. Lynette Jefferson, Head of UBS Ultra High Net Worth Advisory and Sustainable Investing Solutions, walks us through the findings. Listen. Your portfolio will thank you. (The views and opinions expressed in these materials are those of the presenter and are not those of UBS, its subsidiaries or affiliate companies. Accordingly, UBS does not accept any liability over the content of these materials or any claims, losses or damages arising from the use or reliance of all or any part thereof. These materials have no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific listener and is provided solely for information and educational purposes. No representation or warranty, either express or implied is provided in relation to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information discussed in these materials, nor are they intended to be a complete statement or summary of the developments referred to therein. Listeners should not construe the contents of these materials as legal, tax, accounting, regulatory, or other specialist or technical advice or services or investment advice or a personal recommendation. Not all products and services are available to citizens or residents of all countries. Copying, editing, modifying, distributing, sharing, linking or any other use (whether for commercial purposes or otherwise) of these recorded materials, other than personal use, without UBS's prior written permission is strictly prohibited.)

5 Things Accomplished Women Want Girls To Know


Encouraging our girls might be even more important than encouraging today's women. That's exactly what Illana Raia, founder of Être, a mentorship platform for girls, is doing. A role model herself, Illana wants to empower girls to trust themselves and their beliefs. Her advice, from the accomplished women she's encountered, is exactly what our girls need to hear. Listen – and share it.

5 Ways You Too Can Be an Entrepreneur


Barbara Roberts has been speaking and writing about entrepreneurship – from start-up to exit – her entire career and is currently and Entrepreneur in Residence at Columbia Business School and Hofstra University. And what she has found is that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Contrary to popular believe you do not have to be born with some special skill or trait. You just have to do five certain things. Listen to what they are now.

5 Reason You Should Go Slow to Go Fast


Too often entrepreneurs think their first step to success is to go get VC money – and nothing could be further from the truth. Lisa Lefebvre, cancer survivor and founder of Mend Together, a registry for cancer patients, talks about the things founders should do WAY before they go ask for money. It's sound advice and she's an inspiration.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Divorce


Getting divorced is hard enough, but being the founder of a business adds an additional level of complexity. Vicky Townsend, CEO and co-Founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, tells us how to prepare a business for a marital divide so you don't end up having to sell it as part of the settlement. Plus she talks about that "Cortisol Flood" and how to manage it.

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