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5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Drugs Before You Spend Money


Your financial health and personal health are so intertwined. So before you spend money on weight loss drugs, please listen to my conversation with Jaclyn London, registered dietitian and author of Dressing on the Side. Be forewarned: they are not for everyone.

5 Things You Need to Know About Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is real – and it's in your backyard. And we need to stop it. Jennifer Gentile Long (MGA, JD) co-founder and CEO of AEquitas, is an expert on issues related to the prosecution of sexual violence and gender-based violence and human trafficking. She took the time to explain the 5 Things we need to know – and what we can do to help.

5 Ways to Financially Empower


Ok ladies – it's time. New Year, #NewYou. And the new you needs to be financially strong. So consider this your "Girlfriend's Guide to Financial Empowerment." Here are 5 Things to think about – and I promise not one of them has to do with a stock or a bond. Oh and heads up – it's just me! Take a listen.

5 Ways to Build Your Own Board


Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you need a solid board of directors. Size does not matter here. Kat de Haën, co-founder of The Fourth Floor, a ecosystem created to get more women on boards, gives us five ways to entice, enlist and expand on the knowledge of the people in your circle. If you are an entrepreneur, you need a board – so listen in.

5 Things to Know about Philanthropy


Philanthropy has become an important part of our lives. But so many of us still don't approach it as efficiently – and as effectively as we should. Liza Yntema, president & founder of the Dance Data Project®, is a longtime activist in support of women’s rights, and wants women to "own" their philanthropic endeavors. Whether you want to start a charitable organization or just donate to you one – you need to #AskB4UGive – and take a listen to her 5 essential things to know about philanthropy.

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