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Relentless Pursuit with The Shantz Mantione Group

Thank you for joining the Shantz Mantione group as we invite our UBS colleagues, members from an extensive professional network, and leaders from our communities to discuss timely topics and issues, and sometimes even have a little fun. Driven to transform your financial life, our core values start with clients first and that is what this series is all about. We put you first as we deliver honest, fair and insightful financial solutions.

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What to Expect from Washington in 2023


The Shantz Mantione Group and John Savercool discuss what we can expect for 2022 in both policy and politics. The biggest dynamic in the transition from 2021 to 2022 in Washington is that we are now in an election year. Members of Congress will spend more time in their districts and states campaigning for re-election, particularly during and after the summer. Given that, the window for legislating will be small and there will be a rush to tackle priority issues early in the year (particularly in the first quarter). John Savercool serves as Managing Director and Head of the UBS U.S. Office of Public Policy . This office covers all of the primary business units within UBS, including the Investment Bank, Wealth Management and Global AM. In this capacity, John directs the firm’s lobbying, political and policy advocacy efforts at the federal level.

UBS Knowledge Network Insights to the markets with Greg Poole


Join The Shantz Mantione Group for a conversation with Greg Poole, UBS Global Head of Knowledge Network. Greg will discuss what KNET is, what information they gather and from whom, and how they use that data to help clients think about risk, positioning, edge, performance and flows. This is a very different view of UBS research than what you see from our CIO office and one that is more tactical and fast-paced.

What’s next? What does the next phase of economic normalization look like and how will it impact investors?


Join the Shantz Mantione Group for a conversation with Paul Donovan who discusses current economic trends and what we should be watching for in 2023. Paul Donovan is the Chief Economist of UBS Global Wealth Management. Paul believes passionately that economics is something everyone can and should understand. He thinks of himself as a political economist, not a mathematical economist. Paul joined UBS in in 1992 and is a supporter of the UBS Women in Economics Program. Paul is also an amateur light-heavyweight boxer who is prepared to defend his forecasts in the ring!

Sustainable Investing and ESG


Jill Faherty Lloyd speaks with Amantia Muhedini regarding ESG and sustainable investing.

Own Your Worth - An Inflection Point for Women


Please join us for a conversation between Jill Faherty Lloyd and UBS Head of the Women’s Segment, Carey Shuffman as they discuss our latest Own Your Worth research.

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