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Wealth and the Single Women – opportunities and challenges of being in financial control.


Due to the declining marriage rate, high divorce rate, and longer life expectancies of women we know there are more single women than ever before, so with that in mind, what did the research find?

Women-led businesses, how to best align investment dollars with company mission, vision, and purpose


The funding landscape has changed. Whether you’ve just closed a funding round, are thinking about the next phase of growth, or are a passionate investor in women-led businesses, it’s crucial to consider how to best align investment dollars with company mission, vision, and purpose. We are excited to have Delilah Panio to discuss approaches to funding company growth and how to successfully navigate raising capital.

The State of Private Wealth Management


Tom Mantione and Andrew Shantz speak with John Mathews, Head of Private Wealth Management and Jennifer Gabrielli, Head of Ultra High New Worth Client Solutions on the current state of Private Wealth Management at UBS and what we can expect in the future.

Tradition, trust and time with Carey Shuffman Head of Women's Segment


A discussion with Jill Faherty Lloyd and Carey Shuffman on the challenges women breadwinners face embracing their financial clout.

What to Expect from Washington in 2023


The Shantz Mantione Group and John Savercool discuss what we can expect for 2022 in both policy and politics. The biggest dynamic in the transition from 2021 to 2022 in Washington is that we are now in an election year. Members of Congress will spend more time in their districts and states campaigning for re-election, particularly during and after the summer. Given that, the window for legislating will be small and there will be a rush to tackle priority issues early in the year (particularly in the first quarter). John Savercool serves as Managing Director and Head of the UBS U.S. Office of Public Policy . This office covers all of the primary business units within UBS, including the Investment Bank, Wealth Management and Global AM. In this capacity, John directs the firm’s lobbying, political and policy advocacy efforts at the federal level.

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