Sarah Iadanza

Sarah Iadanza

Financial Markets


Sarah talks with BNY Mellon senior investment strategist Jake Jolly. Sarah and Jake discuss the economy, stock market, and where interest rates are heading. Tune in for a special and informative episode!

Creating a business and a brand


I sit down with personal trainer Tiffany Rudi. She is the founder and CEO of Booty by Rudi. She is a kettlebell and strength specialist. She's going to discuss her business and how important it is to build a brand. Tiffany will talk to us about her journey from dancing to become an advocate of strength and conditioning and ways we can improve our lives mentally and physically through fitness!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder


Sarah talks with Emma DePiro who is a Lead Test Engineer at Raytheon in Boston, MA. Emma describes the challenges she has faced being a female in a male-heavy industry. She has worked hard to be taken seriously and she discusses her experience climbing the corporate ladder with us.

Health, Wealth & Happiness


I believe we prioritize our health, minds, and bodies but what about our wallets? Our financial health is important. I embarked on my journey to become a licensed financial advisor 8 years ago and I want to share what I have learned and why I believe we need to build a financial foundation to achieve the financial freedom we all want. Tune in!

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