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The 10 Spot is an approachable, unassuming podcast that explains various wealth management concepts and topics in 10 minutes or less! One 10 Spot at a time, we will focus on a timely or listener-requested topic in the personal finance, family planning, or institutional investing world. Join us for a 10 Spot and find the answer to a question you have always wanted to ask – or were afraid to!

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What are value and growth stocks?


Investors can choose between market ‘tortoises’—plodding and often underrated businesses—or ‘hares’— fast-growing and occasionally flashy companies. In a nutshell, this is the distinction between ‘value’ and ‘growth’ stocks. These two broad classes of equities are frequently mentioned in financial commentary, especially at times of economic transition or structural change which can favor either market tortoises or hares. So, beyond the crude clichés, what are growth and value stocks? When does each class of stocks perform best? Should investors even attempt to pick a winner? And what does this mean for investors as they plan their portfolio strategies? Find out in this edition of The 10 Spot!

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