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Healthcare Update


On this episode, we provide an update on the current developments within the healthcare sector as John Petika Sr. has a conversation with Eric Potoker, Healthcare Sector Strategist, UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office. During this conversation, we share recent developments and advancements within healthcare, which healthcare sub-sectors are most intriguing, and why the UBS CIO has upgraded the sector from Neutral to Most Preferred.

Real Estate Update


In this episode, we are joined by Jonathan Woloshin, CFA, Real Estate & Lodging Analyst Americas, UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office. During our discussion, we answer several burning questions in the real estate market including: What is the impact of affordability concerns with mortgage rates at multi-decade highs? Will supply and demand dynamics in housing balance out anytime soon? Will home prices head higher or lower in 2024? Is the worst yet to come for commercial real estate? Where could we see the best opportunities in real estate right now?

Economic Update - October 12th, 2023


On this episode, we provide an economic and market update as John Petika Sr. has a discussion with our guest speaker, Mike Ryan, Divisional Vice Chairman for UBS Global Wealth Management. Mike has led over 50 US-based investment professionals as Chief Investment Officer Americas for UBS Global Wealth Management and served on the Global Investment Committee, which is responsible for formulating the UBS Global Wealth Management Investment House View. With more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry, he is widely recognized as a leading market expert.

Gold and Precious Metals


On this call, we welcomed, Joseph Cavatoni, Market Strategist for the World Gold Council, who joined us for a discussion on gold and precious metals. Gold and silver have been monetary standards for thousands of years and in times of market uncertainty, gold may act as a hedge against traditional investment products. In this call, we discussed the history of gold and how precious metals can be a hedge against inflation, play a stabilizing role in a portfolio and protect against US dollar weakness.

Washington Update - June 1st, 2023


In this episode, we have a conversation with John Savercool, Senior Lobbyist and Managing Director of UBS Americas, who will be providing an update on major public policy and political developments in Washington including the debt ceiling discussions and the recent developments in the 2024 presidential election.

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