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Long River Wealth Management speaks with business, community, and thought leaders on the subjects shaping our culture, driving financial markets, and touching our lives. Join us to hear the most fascinating among us discussing their inspirational stories.

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A century of perspective: The remarkable story of Paul Ignatius


If you’ve wondered how to get your name on the back of a navy destroyer, you’ll want to listen carefully to this edition of Ebb and flow. Our guest Paul Ignatius has indeed checked that box, and while we speak to him about that experience we also focus on the fascinating life journey that has taken this 102 year young son of Armenian immigrants from a childhood in Glendale, CA, to Harvard Business School, to the pacific theater in WWII, to the most senior levels of US government where he served in roles including Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretary of Defense. And while many might rest on those laurels, Secretary Ignatius went on to become President of the Washington Post. We cover all of this and also hear this remarkable man’s take on the current world order and his hopes and expectations for the future.

The tale of two architects


We speak with two accomplished architects about their fascinating, complex, and essential profession. Weezie Smith and Jennifer DuHamel both attended the same storied architecture School in New Haven, CT… but then took very different paths on their way to successful careers on opposite coasts. In a captivating conversation, Smith and Duhamel share their perspective on what first drove them to architecture, what advice they’d give those considering this career, the influences on their work, the dynamics of good and bad client relationships, and how the industry has evolved over time. And because I couldn’t resist, I asked our guests to name their favorite three architects of all time. The answers may surprise you!

The power of the community foundation


This month, we explore the concept of the Community Foundation and how these organizations can help the charitably inclined put their resources to work for the benefit of communities around the country. Our guests are Jay Williams and Deborah Rothstein, the President and Vice President for Development for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, one of the oldest and largest community foundations in America. We ask Jay and Deborah to explain what makes the community foundation model so impactful, what draws individual donors, family foundations, and corporations to this approach, and what progress organizations like HFPG are making toward addressing major issues like structural racism in the Hartford community and beyond.

Comfort with discomfort - Investing through challenging markets


Facing a renewed period of volatility, we talk about preparing for and behaving during challenging market conditions. We use some bad words like volatility, correction, and bear market... not to scare our listeners but to address head-on these realities of investing and to emphasize that for responsible investors there are ways to prepare portfolios and mindsets to weather the inevitable storms. For this topic, we welcome seasoned investor and close colleague Ashley Martella, Long River Wealth Management Partner and Head of our investment committee.

Year ahead 2022: A year of discovery


This month on Ebb and flow, we continue our year ahead discussion, expanding from the topic of equities in our last episode to the outlook on the broader investment landscape. For this we turn to UBS Chief Investment Officer in the Americas, Solita Marcelli. Solita leads the Chief Investment Office team here in the united states and in that capacity works to bring together market and investment insights for the benefit of UBS clients around the world. In our conversation, I ask Solita about the key drivers she anticipates for 2022…a year that her team has described as playing out in two halves. I also ask Solita to take us further into the future with a look at some key opportunities and risks in the decade ahead. Not an easy question to answer, but that’s why we’re talking to one of Wall Street’s top investment experts.

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