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Leadership with Joe Moglia & Tom Huvane


Tom Huvane and former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia discuss leadership. Joe Moglia is the former CEO and Chairman of TD Ameritrade, Chairman of Fundamental Global Investors and Capital Wealth Advisors, and Chair of Athletics and Executive Advisor to the President at Coastal Carolina University. In 2012, Joe became the Head Football Coach at Coastal Carolina Joe has received multiple Coach of the Year honors, including the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year award, was the recipient of the Vince Lombardi Award and was inducted into the Lombardi Hall of Fame.

A Conversation with the Vice Chairman


Mark Gilbert was appointed vice chairman of UBS Private Wealth Management in 2017, with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to the financial industry, Mark played professional baseball for 8 seasons, reaching the major leagues with the Chicago White Sox in 1985 and is the first Major League Baseball player to become a United States Ambassador to New Zealand and the Independent State of Samoa.

Living a Plant Based Lifestyle with Suzy Amis Cameron


Suzy is a former actress know for hit films like Fandango, The Unusual Suspects and Titanic, directed by her husband James Cameron. As an author, Suzy wrote the OMD Plan, to encourage people around the world to replace One Meal a Day with a plant based one. Not only is replacing a meal better for your overall health, but also creates a healthier planet. Suzy also founded The New School in California, which is the first school to be fully sustainable and have a plant-based lunch program.

An Introduction to 529 College Savings Plans


Listen to this conversation between Tom and Kris Adrian, a 529 plan specialist at JP Morgan. You’ll learn the current costs of a public and private university and how to calculate future college costs. They discuss grants and scholarships and the factors that matter most when applying for financial aid. Finally, what is a 529 plan and why it might be a solution to your college savings plans.

Sustainable Investing with Giselle Rivera and Thomas Huvane Jr.


April is National Financial Literacy Month. Building financial knowledge is the foundation for a brighter future. No matter the age of our children, putting the know-how and resources at their fingertips will give them the power to make smart decisions now and in the future. There is no better time to start than the present. That's why we're so excited to launch The Huvane Wealth Management NextGen Investor Program. Our goal is to support the next generation of investors primarily ages 15-30 in their pursuit of personal financial education through special events, research projects, podcasts, online and print content. My very own NextGen Investor – son Thomas – will lead this program. Recorded 4/22/21

Gender Lens Investing with Kelly Coyne, VP Global Women's Strategies at IMPAX Asset Management


As we wrap up National Women's History Month, a month aimed at recognizing and celebrating the historic accomplishments of women, I recently had the pleasure of hosting a conversation on Gender Lens Investing with Kelly Coyne, VP Global Women's Strategies at IMPAX Asset Management During our 20 minute conversation we discussed what Gender Lens Investing is and why it's important. Why does it work and why I continue to be a fan of Gender Lens investing and why you should too. We hope you find the conversation insightful. Recorded 3/29/21

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