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Are you tired of financial communications that overwhelm you with information, overload you with legalese and disclaimers and then really don’t tell you anything worth learning or listening to? No Disclaimers is our attempt to fight this. The wins, losses and real-life battle scars “earned and learned” over 50+ years of successfully navigating markets and getting clients where they need to be is hopefully the antidote to the blaring “noise and distraction” of the financial press and social media. We want to cut through the jargon and talk to you like you are sitting on our front porch having a “real” conversation. You will definitely get an insight into how we see the world and why everyday life has some of the best, relatable and impactful stories for financial success and beyond. We hope to entertain and maybe even impart what wisdom we have acquired…with as few “disclaimers” as possible.

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The Immaculate Disinflation and the Silent Tax


The late, great Franco Harris is probably best known for an iconic play in the AFC Championship game that became known The Immaculate Reception. It was an incredible, almost unbelievable play. At the beginning of the year markets were starting to price in an Immaculate Disinflation where inflation was simply going to magically decline rapidly to near 2% so the FED could pause rate hikes, then pivot, then cut them and markets would miraculously avoid any economic pain or reckoning. Inflation rarely works like the politicians who caused it would like. Taking a look at Minneapolis’ FED data confirms that any deflation on annual basis is rare and not near enough to offset the Silent Tax of inflation unleashed. Now, a few younger generations are learning why historically so many have cautioned against letting inflation “get out of the box.”

Think Like a Farmer


At a recent board meeting made up of mostly farmers, I mentioned how farmers really have the right makeup to be great investors. The reason…they understand cycles and nature. After seeing a post on Twitter about this topic, I felt it was a little bit of fate or the world around suggesting this as a topic of discussion. This is a little tongue in cheek, but the underlying rules or tenets of “Thinking Like a Farmer” really do apply to investing success and life in general.

Plan for tomorrow, yet live for today


This is the 1st installment in our “front porch” or “real” conversation series. Cathy Quinn started in this industry in 1982 and will officially be retiring after the 1st quarter of 2023. She has been at “the tip of the spear” of financial planning when the investment industry wasn’t really sure why it was even needed while navigating in a male dominated industry. We thought it would be a good idea for our own Kim Penzone to sit down and talk with Cathy about why planning is so important even to those that don’t think it’s necessary and how it has changed and evolved over the years. With 4 decades of real life experience, Cathy and Kim share stories about best practices, most common mistakes and why everything should start “with a plan.” This is truly an easy flowing conversation that will make you think that you are sitting on a front porch listening to two industry veterans share decades of wisdom and stories in a fun and comfortable setting with lots of real life examples with a dog or two hanging out with you. This is a longer form podcast and we believe it is very much worth the time because it gets to the core of how our team approaches financial planning and why it is so important to success in the investment world.

Brake & Gas, QE & QT and Druck’s View


Stanley Druckenmiller is an investing legend whose work focuses on overall market liquidity and flow. In a recent symposium he highlighted and anomaly where one part of our government is stomping on the brake to cool inflation while the other is jamming the gas even harder. Why and what does it mean for markets in 2023?

Maginot Line, Blitzkrieg, Fighting the Last War and Leon Levy’s Wisdom


How could the Germans invade Belgium and France to truly start World War II when the French built the Maginot line and prepared for an attack in vulnerable areas ? Blitzkrieg radically changed all war strategy and tactics from the previous wars. In investing, as in war…either you adapt and change…or you lose. Markets in the next decade are likely to look a lot different than the last 14 years. Leon Levy’s writings from the 1960’s are as true today as then.

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