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Life After Your Business Exit: What's Next?


Jamie Hilton, managing director at The Hilton Group at UBS, reiterates the importance of discovering one's true cost of living BEFORE a business exit, including figuring out your personal budget and financial resources. In this episode, Jamie further defines the “wealth gap” in terms of what an owner needs to receive from the sale of their company to fill in the financial gap previously filled by their business. Also covered is the critical role tax planning plays before an exit; how to find purpose in life after selling; the "retirement honeymoon;" and the number one thing someone should do when contemplating life after a business exit.

Top 7 Transition Strategies for Exiting Your Business


In this episode, The Hilton Group Managing Director Jamie Hilton shares seven transition strategies and answers questions such as: How can a business owner determine which transition option is best? When is the right time to communicate to employees about an exit? Is it always the goal for a business to continue operations after the owner exits, or is closing sometimes the only option? Jamie also covers what would happen if the wrong exit option is selected, if a change in strategy toward the end is possible, and who an owner should call first when considering exit planning.

Planning for Your Business Exit


In this episode, The Hilton Group Managing Director Jamie Hilton covers the importance of aligning business, personal and financial goals when planning an exit; how to get enlightened about true business value; the right time to start planning; how to get a business valuation done; how long a typical business exit takes; considering business partnerships when exit planning; and if there is such a thing as a perfect business exit.

Importance of Financial Planning in a Volatile Market


Jamie Hilton, managing director at The Hilton Group at UBS, discusses why having a financial plan is so important especially during a volatile market. In this episode, Jamie defines what a volatile market is; putting your money to work; the benefits of having short-term liquidity and cash; retirement and legacy planning; how not to react emotionally in a bear or down market; and how to avoid reactive planning with success and confidence.

Why Widows Fire Their Male Financial Advisors


Kara Museler, senior vice president/wealth manager at UBS, reveals that 25% of certified financial planners in the U.S. are female, and women clients remain typically underserved by their male counterparts. In this episode, Kara’s three decades of experience in the financial advisory field notes that women (single, widows, divorcees) are now being recognized as having a significant market opportunity. She shares her best practices while working with female clients and couples, such as listening, building trust, and not making assumptions about risk tolerance or gender stereotypes.

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