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Charting The Course

“Charting The Course” is a podcast hosted by The Hilton Group at UBS Private Wealth Management to navigate the ‘rocks and reefs’ that life and financial markets can present. Each lively episode helps affluent investors set out on the proper course toward making smart financial decisions so they can spend more time doing what they love.

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Meet The Hilton Group Advisors


This is the inaugural episode of The Hilton Group's "Charting The Course" podcast so it's only fitting to hear about the early days of how this wealth management team initially met and started working together, and how they charted their own course to the firm's success. Chapter One: Jamie Hilton talks candidly and unabashedly about his early days needing a job, and the ups and downs of his career path as a stockbroker with Shearson Leeman Brothers to Wall Street's COMEX and beyond, and many of the lessons and principles learned along the way. Included (10:00) is his own family background. Chapter Two (12:46): Kara Museler describes her background growing up and how it shaped her work ethic. She recalls how she unexpectedly first met Jamie in Spain while sailing in a regatta. They talk about working together at The Hilton Group. Chapter Three (16:29): Jamie tells the story of how Tony Cerino joined the firm as an intern. Tony figured out pretty quickly how team chemistry and values alignment is so important, and talks humorously about his journey - but, seriously, what it's like to work and learn from the award-winning team that is Jamie and Kara. Chapter Four (30:32): Longevity of team members is key to The Hilton Group's success. Jamie mentions Janet Nobis' integral contributions to the firm and Katherine Farnham who is following in Janet's footsteps. Chapter Five (35:00): It's clear that The Hilton Group team gets along very well. In this chapter, the team has a conversation about how they approach and spend their day collaborating and serving clients' needs. The final question that remains unanswered during this podcast is how The Hilton Group ended up with UBS. Listen at 43:49 as Jamie answers the question.

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