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Through the Wealth Lens

In each episode Hannes Grascher unpacks a unique complex financial circumstance or topic. Join us to learn from Hannes' experience in the wealth management business over more than two decades as we explore these topics.

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Make it in America


Hannes invites special guest Matthew Sawyer, Columbia and NYU professor and author of “Make It In America”, to discuss his book, its examination of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to high-tech start-ups and some of the most important lessons they can teach for businesses trying to establish themselves in the U.S. marketplace today.

Rights and Returns: What to Consider When Selling Your Music Catalogue


Hannes is joined by fellow advisor and NYIG colleague, Max Grascher, to discuss the recent trend of high-profile musicians selling their music catalogues and what to consider when going through the process.

Making Smart Decisions About Compensation


Calling all business owners and entrepreneurs! Hannes and Ryan discuss how those that run their own businesses can properly compensate themselves as well as their valued employees, to make sure both stay motivated to perform to the best of their abilities and ultimately keep the business in top shape.

What Really is Wealth Planning?


Hannes is joined by Beth Tractenberg, expert trust and estate attorney of Steptoe and Johnson, to truly define what “wealth planning” is and how this relates to wealth protection, tax mitigation, estate planning, and charitable giving.

Wealth Planning for Age 90, 100, and Beyond


These days the average person, due to factors such as advances in medical technology, is living longer than ever before. Hannes and Ryan dive into the human population’s longer life expectancy and why, because of this, it is crucial for all to include longevity planning as a key factor in their wealth plans.

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