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Using real stories to understand the pivotal moments and critical skills to get you and your business winged and ready to take flight, move nimbly and stop waiting (in the wings).

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Justin Waring - Stop Monkeying Around


Most investors are unaware how behavioral biases can wreak havoc on their portfolio's outcomes. In this episode of Winged & Ready guest Justin Waring goes through a few common behaviors that set investors back and how they can be addressed by ultimately reducing the role of luck in investments. Justin is an investment strategist in the Chief Investment Office and spends his career studying behaviors and helping clients experience optimal outcomes.

Giving thanks or shares?


Guest Brad Dillion is a Senior Wealth Strategist in the Advanced Planning group at UBS. We are colleagues and have a heartfelt conversation around important items for heading into the end of the year from tax and legacy perspectives, and more. Whether you are a founder who may exit in the near future or a millennial couple, there is food for thought in this episode to help bring substance to your family conversations during this period of gathering.

Elizabeth Abel - Love and Kindness


Elizabeth walks us through the four key steps every charitable organization should know and how putting love and kindness at the heart of the matter can result in donor dollars for the mission. She is a thought leader in philanthropy and expert in fundraising. Having led capital campaigns and development initiatives that collectively raised half a billion dollars for education, healthcare, arts and culture, and advocacy organizations: there is no better authority to hear from in the endowment and foundation space!

Tracy Holland - Powerhouse!


Guest Tracy Holland shows her high-vibe side and digs into what female entrepreneurs need to level-up and hit their milestones - collective wisdom! Her humor, grace and buy-in around share-to-build without sacrifice are quite potent. Plus, she likes a good chicken trade! She is a leading innovator in the beauty and wellness industry. As the co-founder and CEO of HATCHBEAUTY Brands, she has built an international reputation as a curator of successful brands with a focus on new brand development for retailers worldwide. Her new endeavor, Potential to Powerhouse is a ‘go to’ for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business, their community and their expertise.

Good is good - governance unpacked


Brenda DeSaro is a self described helper! She loves nothing more than using her expertise to help, and teach people more about the world of retirement plans by unpacking the law and the EQ to help founders, investment committees, and management. While this may sound straight forward it is not: having good governance around plans may have a proactive and meaningful impact on both plan sponsors as well as the participants. Brenda is a Director in EisnerAmper's Pension Services Group. She has over 20 years of experience, handling the related pension plan audit and consulting requirements for a broad client base. She efficiently and accurately manages all types of pension plan audits. Brenda has served both public and private clients in a wide variety of industries with both defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 11-Ks, and ESOPs. She consults with clients and is responsible for supervision and review of staff and work product, including detailed testing. Brenda is involved in the maintenance of the firm’s master engagement templates as well as design and delivery of annual firm-wide continuing professional education in the employee benefit plan audit area. Throughout the year, Brenda attends seminars to keep abreast of unique ERISA, DOL and AICPA employee benefit plan issues. She has presented to various professional groups on employee benefit plan topics. She is also very active in teaching and planning continuing professional education courses.

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