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Lightning in a bottle: Entrepreneurial journeys from idea to exit

In this podcast series, Josh Pottinger and Jason Chirogianis, two veterans with over 2 1/2 decades of experience in the financial services industry bring real world perspectives to help business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of making the decision to monetize their ownership position, managing the process and then life after. Throughout this series, they’ll provide their own thoughts as well as interview key people along the way. Email questions / comments to

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Episode 13: Family Succession Planning: How It Works, Why It's (very) Important


Joining us today is Matthew Carter who is an Investment Strategist in our UBS Chief investment Office formulating research for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Matthew gives insight on different aspects of succession planning, the three part process of family succession, and what entrepreneurs need to consider during a liquidity event. This dynamic discussion will offer solutions tailored to business owners as they prepare for life after the sale.

Episode 12: How to exit right – Know your options. Plan early.


Joining us today are Mark Achler and Mert Iseri, authors of book, Exit Right: How to Sell Your Startup, Maximize Your Return, and Build Your Legacy. Through strategic interviews with M&A leaders, attorneys, and founders-Exit Right provides a helpful roadmap for business owners to seek more successful exits with their companies. Furthermore, Marc and Mert discuss how trust becomes the ultimate currency for a business sell and provide key examples of what makes the right partner for succession planning.

Episode 11: QSBS is no joke!


What’s one of the most powerful tools for business owners that can help reduce the capital gains associated with a business sale? On this episode, we sit with Joyce Crivellari and Rebecca Sterling, both with UBS’s Advanced Planning Group and former attorneys, to discuss Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) and why it’s such a powerful tool for business owners who one day hope to monetize their business. We’ll get into the ins and outs, the opportunities, and challenges and what you should know now so that you can put yourself in an opportunity to take advantage of it when you’re ready. Despite its acronym, QSBS is no joke!

Episode 10: How to accelerate the value of your business


In this episode, Josh & Jason have an action packed conversation with Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute about five things every business owner should know, and think through, to maximize the value of their company before an exit. We talk about five stages of value maturity, walk through the intangible forms of capital, three legs, the importance of taking time to work ON your business and ON your personal life goals, and finally, understanding if your company is ready and attractive to a buyer. As a business owner, be prepared and have a plan, so maximize the value of your exit when a buyer shows up at your doorstep.

Episode 9: Investment Bankers


Our topic today is around an important component of building out your team of advisor to help you monetize your business…the Investment Banker. Over the years, Jason and I have come to really appreciate the work they do and the value they bring to the table. Professional athletes and business owners have something in common…they work their tails off, make sacrifices and take big risks so that one day…if they’re fortunate, they’re able to capitalize on that hard work through monetize their ideas or their athletic ability. Something else in common…is they both need a coach. The best athletes in the world have a coach and you should to. Bottom line – Hiring an investment banker to help you navigate the complexities of selling a company can be incredibly valuable and ultimately, help you maximize your outcome.

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