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Lightning in a bottle: Entrepreneurial journeys from idea to exit

In this podcast series, Josh Pottinger and Jason Chirogianis, two veterans with over 2 1/2 decades of experience in the financial services industry bring real world perspectives to help business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of making the decision to monetize their ownership position, managing the process and then life after. Throughout this series, they’ll provide their own thoughts as well as interview key people along the way. Email questions / comments to

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Episode 10: How to accelerate the value of your business


In this episode, Josh & Jason have an action packed conversation with Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute about five things every business owner should know, and think through, to maximize the value of their company before an exit. We talk about five stages of value maturity, walk through the intangible forms of capital, three legs, the importance of taking time to work ON your business and ON your personal life goals, and finally, understanding if your company is ready and attractive to a buyer. As a business owner, be prepared and have a plan, so maximize the value of your exit when a buyer shows up at your doorstep.

Episode 9: Investment Bankers


Our topic today is around an important component of building out your team of advisor to help you monetize your business…the Investment Banker. Over the years, Jason and I have come to really appreciate the work they do and the value they bring to the table. Professional athletes and business owners have something in common…they work their tails off, make sacrifices and take big risks so that one day…if they’re fortunate, they’re able to capitalize on that hard work through monetize their ideas or their athletic ability. Something else in common…is they both need a coach. The best athletes in the world have a coach and you should to. Bottom line – Hiring an investment banker to help you navigate the complexities of selling a company can be incredibly valuable and ultimately, help you maximize your outcome.

Episode 8: The Tax Man Cometh


Joining us today is Erik Seeney, Executive Director and Wealth Planning Strategist. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Erik is one of our go-to specialists at the firm with a focus on advanced planning strategies, design and implementation. Appropriate tax planning is an essential component of a pre-sale strategy. Liquidity events typically incur income taxes (some or all of the proceeds may be subject to ordinary income or capital gains tax and the 3.8% surtax on net investment income). Comprehensive analysis, including financial and estate planning, before the exit can help an owner understand income tax treatment and potentially minimize your tax liability. Bottom line – Your situation is very specific to you and your family... so it’s important to walk through these ideas with your own tax and legal counsel.

Episode 7: Philanthropy…be SMART and EFFECTIVE


Joining us today is Tom Hall, Head of UBS Philanthropy Services. With over 12 years' experience working with and advising private clients, Tom leads our UK Philanthropy services to help clients identify and achieve their philanthropic and impact investing strategies.

Episode 6: Understanding your exit options


Joining us today is Oliver Henderson, Managing Director and Head of UBS Business Development Group. We’ve brought Ollie on to walk us through the various ways business owners can monetize their ownership position, and how to mitigate some of the more common mistakes that can cause the sale process to break down.

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