A focus on segments drives business

How you can grow your practice with a strategic approach to client segmentation

by Jane Schwartzberg, Head of Strategic Client Segments, UBS Wealth Management USA and James Jack, Head of Business Owners Segment, UBS Wealth Management USA

As you think more about a new opportunity and look to the future, building your business is probably top of mind. While you consider your practice to be top performing, your choice of firm can help you accelerate. For many advisors, focusing on a segmented client strategy has been a critical driver in accessing a future of wealth that is younger, diverse and entrepreneurial.

At UBS, we are committed to your growth through our focus on strategic client segments. This article provides an overview of our Strategic Client Segments Team and how we help you cater to clients’ unique needs as you guide them along their financial journey.

UBS Strategic Client Segments: a competitive advantage

Our Strategic Client Segments team is here to support you and help you build your business. You might hear about us in the recruiting process during conversations with our field leaders, or once you are fully acclimated to the firm and are looking to explore more resources.

We help advisors build communities of like-minded clients with similar challenges and ambitions for the future. These communities often lead to business referrals and connections with centers of influence who allow you to expand your network and build your business. As a successful advisor, you may already be doing these things. We’re here to help you “step on the gas” and accelerate.

Five strategic client segments: specialized advice that makes the difference

We currently support five strategic client segments that are relevant to today’s advisors and their growth. For our high potential client segments, we offer a variety of resources to use as needed, such as white papers, marketing collateral, videos, client events and more—and we update these resources regularly.

Here’s a look at our five strategic segments and some of the rich insights available.

Women: own your worth

Women hold a third of the wealth in the world, and that share is growing faster than ever. From proprietary research to education and targeted events, we can help you better serve women and help make the most of their wealth. Our “Own Your Worth” series has surveyed high net worth women and men to identify new insights on relationships with money and financial participation annually for more than four years.

Business owners: proceed with passion

Business owners are a rare breed who are contemplating a significant financial event with their business exit. We offer exclusive insights on managing and selling a business and a road map to help facilitate the planning process and life after an exit and we are proud to be recognized by the Exit Planning Institute, the authority in exit planning and value acceleration, as a leader across firms in developing the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential. Today, hundreds of UBS Advisors have earned the CEPA designation to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Athletes and entertainers: let’s talk legacy

In a segment proudly managed by a former professional football player, we have the knowledge to help you deliver the best advice and guidance the firm offers to athletes and entertainers. Dedicated to serving these professionals’ complex and unique needs, we can help them avoid common missteps so they can pursue what matters most today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Rising generation: time to do great things

For the rising generation, this is the time to plan for their future. We offer you access to financial guides to help the rising generation crack the money code, explore tools for managing finances and track life’s milestones.

Multicultural investors: invest to advance

For multicultural investors, we know that family, community and causes matter. We offer tools to help craft a plan that serves their purpose and the people who matter most. These tools include multicultural-focused content that explores the intersection between culture, art, philanthropy and sustainability to help provide clients with unique, community-building experiences and advice.

A real case scenario: adding value

“Our prospective client wanted more than just institutional consulting, and we successfully delivered a thoughtful game plan to help elevate a prestigious foundation’s profile,” reported a recent Private Wealth Management recruit. “In consultation with the Women and Athletes & Entertainers segments, we collaborated on all the ways we could partner to do more than investment management, including the creation of meaningful content for an upcoming financial education summit, co-hosting social events with donors, and supporting the good work of the foundation within UBS and beyond. Because we committed to adding real value over time and solidifying the relationship with innovative thinking, we won the business and already received a referral to a new opportunity with a foundation donor.”

Marshalling resources: a focus on three key areas

For each of our five strategic segments, we marshal resources inside and outside of UBS. Here are three proven ways we help you create new possibilities:

Deliver the firm’s resources

By tapping into the UBS ecosystem, we deliver precisely what you need to support each client segment. From thought leadership to intellectual capital and targeted events, we help you leverage the resources your clients and centers of influence need. And if more specialized insights are called for to serve and benefit a client more effectively, we can connect you to the business expertise and capabilities.

Assist with business development plans and deeper segment understanding

With the right resources in place, we help you think about your best approach to a new segment opportunity and how you can expand your business organically. This can include assisting with developing your custom marketing plans, brainstorming on creating memorable client events and co-sponsorships, or that extra accelerant that can help you win the business. (See a recent recruit real case scenario below.) Finally, we help you work with our premier marketing consulting group on marketing consultation and strategic advisory support.

Support client engagements with specialized advice

We help you deliver the entire firm to your clients so they can benefit from an inclusive and innovative experience. This might mean helping business owners think through how UBS can help them with their exit, including engagement with Advanced Planning or Investment Banking experts or working with women clients on strengthening their participation in long-term investing goals. By joining the conversations, we can help you provide the right wealth management insights and inclusive investment solutions.

Our commitment to the growth of your business: a focus on strategic client segments

As you think about a move, we understand your interest in building your business and expanding your reach. We help you acquire, serve and retain affluent and wealthy clients with a segmented approach. When you can address clients’ unique needs more effectively, satisfaction improves, and your practice can grow.

“We are reimagining the power of investing by adapting to the needs and preferences of current and prospective clients, as a result of the evolving financial landscape and societal shifts,” says Jason Chandler, Head of UBS Wealth Management USA. In conversations with new advisors, I frequently hear how much they value our commitment to helping them build their practice by design with a focus on strategic client segments.”

To learn more about how our Strategic Client Segments team can help accelerate your business growth or to apply for a Financial Advisor role, submit your contact information to be connected with a Field Leader.

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