Municipal fixed income

Now and always

Municipal bond investors face three key challenges: increased credit risk, interest rate volatility and difficulty in transacting. UBS Asset Management provides solutions to meet these challenges.

  • We utilize proprietary credit research via a dedicated credit team to address credit risk.
  • Our team conducts in-depth quantitative analysis of the yield curve in response to interest rate volatility.
  • We have established relationships with broker/dealers, allowing us to transact at more competitive institutional prices.

About the UBS Asset Management Municipal Fixed Income team

The UBS AM Municipal Fixed Income team is composed of an experienced group of investment specialists focused on maximizing after-tax return and minimizing volatility by capitalizing on inefficiencies within the market. The team possesses depth of experience and dedicated resources required to conduct in-depth analysis, navigate the risks and transact at more competitive prices.

Latest insights

UBS AM’s Municipal Fixed Income specialists provide UBS Financial Advisors and their clients with bond fund and portfolio strategy updates as well as timely market analysis and commentary.