Technological advances, such as cloud tech, has created a precedent for innovation. There is a push for traditional businesses to embrace new technologies and transform the advisory landscape and these shifts require an affinity for digital processes. UBS Partner finds the perfect balance of technology driven, yet advisory-oriented service model.

The days of going it alone are over. Collaboration between big institutions is the way forward and Nomura and UBS have embraced this perspective. UBS Partner leverages UBS’ Wealth Management expertise and technology capabilities in partnership with other wealth managers to shape the future of the banking industry and challenge traditional models.

UBS Partner has found the sweet spot that leverages the USP of banks and embraces the technological capabilities to provide a bespoke solution.

UBS Partner presents a differentiated proposition in the market that allows our partners to offer high-end service at lower costs, thanks to the efficiency and scalability of the technology behind Partner

What are the strengths of our technology?

  • Full adaptability to partner bank processes
    The modularity of UBS Partner allows each instance of the solution to be unique and configurable to our partner’s needs and goals.
  • Efficiency & Scale
    UBS Partner has the computational power required to run millions of portfolios, backed by secure, state-of-the art and scalable infrastructure.
    Thereby, advisors receive actionable investment proposals for every client and are able to have more frequent and more high-quality touch points with all of their end-clients.

As a pioneering move in the Japanese market, Nomura and UBS jointly customized the globally acclaimed "UBS Partner" offering for private banks to meet the diverse needs of high-net-worth individuals in Japan.

Based on the strategic asset allocation (SAA) which are also provided to institutional investors by the Nomura CIO (Chief Investment Office) Group, this tool will develop an asset allocation plan that matches the customer's preferences. In addition, while constantly checking the quality of the portfolio and generating relevant and tailored investment ideas, Nomura will also provide investment planning and portfolio monitoring services.

Nomura Group is working to expand its business in private markets in addition to public markets, and the introduction of UBS Partner is a key part of that strategy. Going forward, UBS Partner and Nomura will work closely to implement new UBS Partner functionalities in a second phase.

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