Glossary Q

Section Q


Depending on the type of order an investor enters, he/she may want to add special instructions regarding its execution. A qualifier is not required on an order. Examples of a qualifier are: All Or None (AON), Do Not Increase (DNI), Do Not Reduce (DNR), AON/DNI, and AON/DNR.


The highest bid price and the lowest offer price for a security in a given market at a given time.


Qualified Zone Academy Bonds. QZAB's were created by Congress in 1997 to provide low income school districts with access to low cost financing. QZAB bonds are taxable municipal securities that entitle investors to Federal tax credits rather than paying interest. The Federal government limits the amount of QZAB's that each state may issue. The rules for issuing as well as holding these bonds are relatively complex, limiting their appeal to many investors.