The changing face of wealth

Making it a business priority to better serve female clients

How is wealth management adapting?

Women tell us that the industry doesn't understand their values, needs and goals. Our research shows only 2%1 of wealth managers see women as an audience with specific requirements. And the majority of women switch wealth managers because they want an advisor who listens to them, treats them as an individual and eliminates the jargon.

Our commitment

Our response to this opportunity is UBS Unique which, in the next five years, will catalyse long-term change in the financial industry to better serve women and enable them to make the most of their wealth. Working closely with female clients and our own network we will spark debate and create real industry change. Enabling one million women to improve their financial confidence. And create an industry-leading service that works for everyone.

How will the world benefit?

In the US, fewer than one in five women say they are confident about their financial knowledge2. But we know that women have a strong desire to use their growing wealth to drive positive change. By bridging this confidence gap we can make a profoundly positive impact - 88%3 of women want to invest in organisations that promote social wellbeing.

That's one million opportunities for a better world.

Gender-Lens Wealth

The UN is aiming to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030. Yet according to a recent World Economic Forum report, basic global gender gaps could take 83 years to close. One key driver of change could be gender-lens wealth - mobilizing private wealth towards gender equality goals.