UBS Companion

An exploration on human digital assistants

How might we enrich client meetings through digital assistants in a meaningful and differentiating way?

UBS currently  explores the use of human digital assistants to help clients and client advisors find solutions on the spot. Client advisors in Wealth Management Switzerland are the first to take part in the experimental project "UBS Companion" exploring two newly developed avatars: "Daniel Kalt", a digital version of UBS Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland and "Fin", a friendly helper and digital assistant. The avatars, which can interact via voice and eye contact with the clients and their advisors, are being deployed to client meetings via a TV screen. The aim is to explore how to create a new frictionless access to UBS's expertise for our clients and to test the acceptance of digital assistants in a wealth management context.

The experiment is using cognitive solutions from IBM and avatar technology from FaceMe.


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Fin, a digital friend, helps clients and client advisors to solve problems on the spot…

Daniel Kalt

…and when needed, a thought leader is just one question away.

Earth View

Data on the financial markets and the economic situation is made available, offering our clients valuable information in client meetings.