FX Liquidity

Using experience to drive the future

Understanding our clients needs and delivering when you need us most.

Undergoing a major overhaul since 2010, UBS has reacted to the changing market dynamics by continually investing in the development of our pricing and distribution capabilities reaffirming our commitment to offer the best technology and services to our clients.

Please note: When executing a trade with UBS, you will at all times face the bank as principal.

Our FX liquidity includes:

  • Spot FX
  • FX Options
  • STIR
  • Precious Metals

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UBS FX Spot Liquidity Natural flow and a focus on internalisation

Understanding the detail to deliver the vision

We understand that there is much more to delivering quality spot liquidity than simply providing a price. Market impact is a major contributor to the long term liquidity provision for our clients. That is why behind every connection there is a relationship.

We combine our algorithms and low latency infrastructure with open dialogue to understand the cause and effects of market impact, balancing the needs of our clients and UBS to create a valued long term partnership.

UBS has some of the best internalisation (off setting risk with client flow vs. hedging in the open market) in the industry1.

This is achieved by a combination of our proprietary algorithmic infrastructure along with our extensive client franchise which includes one of the largest wealth managers and asset managers in the world. What does this mean for our clients? More consistent liquidity, tighter spreads, low market impact and a relationship that they know is built of transparency and excellence2.

Access via:

  • UBS Neo
  • FX Algorithms
  • API
  • Multibank Platforms
  • UBS Neo Mobile

UBS liquidity Choose how you want to interact

Single Bank vs. Multibank, Direct API vs. Vendor API, Execution Algo vs. Risk Price. The world is getting more complex; however, UBS gives our clients the flexibility to access UBS liquidity in a manner that is best for them.

We recognize that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for liquidity provision and we work with our clients to help them evaluate what is the best solution for them, whether that is via our multi-award winning1 UBS Neo or a third party solution, we are committed to providing our clients with the liquidity they need, how and when they need it.