Execution Tools

Streaming UBS Electronic Options delivered how you need them

As the global outlook continues to look volatile, clients are seeking to seize the opportunities in more creative ways than ever before. UBS’s electronic options offering provides our clients access to live tradable prices in real-time.

Regardless of whether our clients need plain vanillas or complex structures, our algorithms are more accurate and robust than ever before, ensuring that we are ready to trade when they are.

"Our algorithms are more accurate and robust than ever before"

Benefits of UBS FX Options:

  • Price and trade a wide range of pre-defined option strategies
  • View streaming dealable prices around the clock
  • Deal G10 currencies, emerging market currencies and precious metals
  • Deal Vanillas, Barriers, Exotic Forwards, Payouts and Digitals
  • Create strips of options via our Strip Wizard feature
  • Volatility grid lets you compare volatilities on currency pairs or precious metals

Access via:

  • UBS Neo
  • API
  • Multibank Platforms

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FX Swaps Differentiating even in a low rates environment

With interest rates at an all-time low, it is easy to think that there is no difference between liquidity providers, however, getting their size done, when they need it requires a global franchise and worldwide network of clients to ensure that our clients are seeing the best available liquidity.

As one of the largest STIR houses in the market we continue to deliver critical liquidity, in a range of market conditions.

UBS Neo FX Cash

With UBS Neo FX, execute FX and precious metals spot, forward and swap orders from our Quick Trade panel, which integrates a full order-management system with built-in regulatory reporting features1.

"Execute FX and precious metals orders with just a single or double click."

FX algorithms Striking the right balance

Our FX algorithms are derived from the algorithmic logic and technology used by our award-winning equities trading platform1. Moreover, FX algorithms benefit from the expertise of developers who have deep experience in algorithmic trading across cash equities and futures.

All of our algorithms attempt to reduce spread paid by placing passive child orders in UBS PIN-FX2, until the algorithm is forced to cross the UBS spread to keep pace with its schedule3.

Diverse Execution Capabilities

At UBS, we offer you the choice of five execution Algorithms: Tap, ORCA-Direct, TWAP, VWAP & Float depending on how you want to trade. These UBS Algorithms are engineered to provide a range of benefits so our clients can minimize spread including the ability to leverage liquidity, speed of trade, trade efficiency, low transaction costs and reduced market volatility.


UBS Tap accesses our internal liquidity pools to trade within a range of participation rates according to your specified “Urgency.“ We define participation rate as the percentage of market volume1 your trading represents. Tap will trade more when the market is moving in your favor or UBS spreads are narrower than recent history2. Tap will trade less if UBS spreads are wide or the price moves away from you, to allow the market to revert back to the mean.

Download UBS Tap Fact Sheet (PDF, 680 KB)


ORCA-Direct looks to fill urgently using liquidity from UBS Principal, ECNs & correlated Futures instruments. It is best used when wanting to be filled urgently, using a wide range of liquidity sources.

Download UBS ORCA-Direct Fact Sheet (PDF, 1 MB)


"The key for a client to maximise what your liquidity provider can offer is to focus on minimising your own market impact."

Ciara Quinlan – Head of quantitative analytics, UBS Electronic Trading - FX

With customisation, you can tailor our algorithmic tools to help you achieve your trading goals.

UBS Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

UBS TWAP is a time-based order that attempts to trade at an even pace over a specified time.

Download UBS TWAP Fact Sheet (PDF, 532 KB)

UBS Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

UBS VWAP is a volume-based order that trades in line with historic UBS market volume3 over the time you specify.

Download UBS VWAP Fact Sheet (PDF, 525 KB)

UBS Float

UBS Float is a pegged order allowing you to float an order within the UBS spread in PIN-FX. Peg4 an order to the bid, ask or mid-point of the UBS price, without having to constantly adjust your limit price.

Download UBS Float Fact Sheet (PDF, 613 KB)


Direct connectivity Execute trades automatically

Our new FIX API Connectivity Engine (UBS ACE) has been engineered to meet the increasing demands on the FX Market. Speed and reliability are the defining features of UBS ACE, allowing clients to directly connect to the UBS cash and derivatives quote engines, providing live dealable pricing direct to our clients. To help make sure our clients always 'on', we monitor their connection and offer 24 hour technical support during trading days.

Tighter pricing, faster pricing.

New technology delivers cost and service efficiencies.

UBS ACE enables us to offer our clients tighter pricing during normal trading conditions and the technology also provides lower latency levels to deliver increased speed of pricing. In addition, combining eFX and Voice liquidity for our online clients will lead to narrower spreads and increased liquidity during periods of volatility. The intent of UBS ACE is for our clients to see improved fill ratios and reduced rejection rates. Executions against expired quotes may still be filled if they remain within tolerance levels. The ability to sweep the order book using quoted orders may result in a reduction of rejection rates. And with ‘Fire and forget’ orders, our clients can send orders to UBS without an active subscription.

Constantly enhanced API. More products to come.

The new technology build of UBS ACE will offer increased stability leading to a more reassured working environment. UBS ACE is being constantly enhanced so we will be able to offer more products via the API.

Reach STP hubs.

The platform integrates with STP hubs, such as Thomson Reuters Trade Notification (TRTN), MarkitServ (perv.Logicscope) and Traiana's Harmony & Netlink services.

Migration is simple.

The new API is fully backward compatible so migrating a client’s connection doesn’t need any development at the client’s end. It’s a simple case of changing their configuration within UBS.

UBS ACE gives the potential for improved fill ratios and reduced rejection rates.

Benefits of UBS ACE

  • Access to top tier liquidity
  • Tighter and faster pricing
  • Reduced latency
  • Electronic and voice pricing
  • Increased stability
  • Encrypted connection
  • Industry-leading monitoring software
  • More products will be offered via API in future
  • Improved fill ratios, reduced rejection rates
  • Trade using UBS Algos
  • UBS ACE is accessible over internet and via leased lines
  • Configure the interface to your way of trading
  • Sweep multiple tiers with a single order
  • 24 hour technical support

Clients should take into account the market risks associated with trading UBS ACE.