Think sustainable, act responsible

Check whether your investment objectives are in line with your business philosophy and values.

UBS Sustainability Analytics from UBS Asset Servicing supports you in assessing the environmental, social and governance aspects of your portfolio. Use our online analysis to get transparency on sustainability ratings, business activity checks and carbon emissions. Watch the video to find out more.

How you benefit from the UBS Sustainability Analytics for professionals

Get transparency online

Ensure transparency over your portfolios, fully digitally & intuitively, supported with dashboards, peer-group-comparisons and easy-to-use drill-down functionalities.

Check your sustainability rating

Gain a better insight into the opportunities and risks within your portfolio by applying ESG-ratings sourced from multiple independent ESG data providers.

Determine the carbon impact

We help you determine your carbon footprint by measuring the climate impact of your investment portfolios applying two main metrics.

Be a leader in ESG

Connect your financial objectives with your ESG investment strategy, get actionable insights and thus ensure full transparency along your investment process.

Check your portfolio for sustainability now. Contact us today.

More information

You can find everything you need to know about the UBS Sustainability Analytics and its benefits summarized here.

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Sustainability at UBS

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'I need forests to hunt dragons…'

'…and living oceans to find the great white shark.'

'Doing well by doing good.'

«Ich brauche Wälder, um Drachen zu jagen ...»

Investors have realized that corporate sustainability strategies and financial performance are interlinked and heavily influence each other. So more than ever they need sustainability analysis that help them to form a rationale for their investment strategy.

«... und lebende Ozeane, um den grossen weissen Hai zu finden.»

Of particular importance are ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria. These sustainability factors have an increasing impact on companies’ long-term financial success and thus on the return of investment portfolios.