UBS Europe SE Luxembourg Branch

UBS Europe SE Luxembourg Branch

We are changing our structure in Europe by building a truly European bank, UBS Europe SE, which unites UBS's bank subsidiaries located in Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Germany.

With this accomplishment, we will be able to strengthen our leading position in Europe, by forming a stronger bank with a larger balance sheet and by providing our clients with an improved product and service offering across Europe. All banking relationships with us have been transferred to UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch and continue to be managed by your dedicated client advisor.

The new set-up requires UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch, to share data with the below mentioned UBS entities.

In the European Union

  • Germany : UBS Europe SE (head office)
  • Poland : UBS Business Solutions Poland z o.o.


Outside the European Union


  • UBS AG
  • UBS Switzerland AG
  • UBS Business Solutions AG