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Anticipating your current business needs is a challenge, let alone trying to plan for the future. How you decide to manage your complex wealth structure will have a direct financial impact on you as well as the next generation. Therefore, determining whether to sell your business, keep it in the family, or leverage a combination of the two can feel intimidating. Regardless of your needs, we can help you plan for the future.

Planning your estate

Owning a business can further complicate inheritance planning. Six in ten business owners struggle to divide assets fairly; four in ten don’t have an up-to-date will or transfer plan; and a third of inheritors experience conflict and family issues. Such pitfalls, if not properly mitigated, can have financial as well as familial consequences.

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Careful estate planning can ensure a smooth transition from entrepreneur to wealth-owner while helping you to navigate opportunities and hidden risks. Examples of common risks that result from a lack of planning are excess taxes, court-mandated decisions, liquidity risks, and delays.

It is therefore essential to build a financial plan adapted to your individual and family objectives, and looks at all manner of things involved, like:

  • Your assets and liabilities
  • Wills
  • Potential prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Contractual obligations
  • Insurance policies
  • Cross border assets

UBS will evaluate all of this and more, ensuring that your assets and family wealth are well looked after. Such an in-depth analysis, carried out in tandem with our wealth strategy, will help you navigate the complexities of planning your estate. We assist you in planning for your short-, medium-, and long-term capital requirements through our three-pronged approach of Liquidity. Longevity. and Legacy.

Protecting your assets

How can an asset protection plan help you review your business and personal wealth in response to today's challenges and uncertainties?

Financial resilience is the ability to withstand events that negatively impact income or assets. The scenarios that most severely test financial resilience will differ by individual and family.

Planning your succession

Industry experts estimate that about 30% of family businesses remain active through the second generation of ownership and 10% through the third generation. One study highlighted the fact that 85% of family businesses aren’t passed down to the next generation because of family disputes or the inefficient management of the transition from successor to owner.

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Succession isn’t always an anticipated event; it may result as the consequence of sudden, unforeseen events. Failure to have planned successfully in such circumstances may have a negative impact on your business operations and, more importantly, family relations. To avoid such errors, it is therefore critical to ensure that all stakeholders are thoroughly onboarded into the succession process. For some families, this might take the form of the successor establishing an independent management style, or perhaps the predecessor wishes to remain involved after succession has been effectuated.

Each family situation is unique, and at times their dynamics and the myriad of stakeholders involved can further complicate an already delicate situation. Being well prepared and starting early can therefore help navigate succession planning with tailored solutions for you and your family’s needs.

Most business owners who recently sold sought advice from their financial advisor

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Selling your business

A major issue in contemplating an exit plan is deciding to whom an owner will pass the business.

About 25% of Baby Boomers expect to sell their businesses to a third party, while another 25% expect to sell to employees. Only about 37% expect to pass the business on to a family member, and 10% expect to close or wind down the business. Therefore, crafting an exit strategy can be one of an entrepreneur’s best investments, as it can profoundly change the net financial outcome of an exit.

Assembling the team

Our teams of specialized advisors prioritize collaboration with our clients and their respective tax and legal advisors in order to prepare for an efficient exit. Together, we will work to optimize your long-term family strategy.

UBS Investor Watch

UBS Investor Watch 2023: Selling a business

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Coming off an active market for mergers and acquisitions, the latest UBS Investor Watch looks at business owners who now face headwinds from higher interest rates, inflation and political uncertainty. We spoke with owners considering an exit and those who recently sold their business.

Among current business owners, we found that many fear they missed their best chance to sell. But experts advise that opportunities still exist and the key to attracting the right buyer is to plan ahead. As for business owners who recently sold, most wish they’d taken more time to prepare. They’d agree: start planning now to be ready when the winds shift and opportunity arrives.

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