Women's wealth

A new approach to financial planning

Women´s wealth is growing, and there is a trend toward women wanting and taking control of their finances. Women are not satisfied with the current advice they receive, and they tend to value the importance of expert advice more than men. To deliver the experience and wealth advice that women are looking for, wealth managers need to reimagine their value proposition. Please download our Women and Investing: Reimagining wealth advice Report and learn more on how you can gain financial confidence.

"When it comes to investment, women are comparatively more rigorous and rational. Women tend to collect more information than men before making investment decisions. Women also value long-term returns because they see investing as a way to take care of their families, hence a long-term behavior. Money needs to accumulate slowly over time. 

I have also observed that women are more comfortable with the idea of ESG investing. They feel that in addition to making money, they also value sustainability and make valuable investments into the society."

Marina Lui, Managing Director, Head, Wealth Management China, UBS Global Wealth Management

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02 December 2021

UBS Women Engage Series: An Entrepreneurial Exchange with Marina Lui

Language: Mandarin
Yao Jue, Hong Kong String Orchestra (HKSO) Founder and Artistic Director

Marina Lui, Head, Wealth Management China in Hong Kong, UBS Global Wealth Management

19 November 2021

UBS Women Engage Series:  Their Personal Best III

Language: English
Daisy Ho, Chairman and Executive Director, SJM Holdings Limited, and Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Shun Tak Holdings Limited

Adeline Chien, Head, Wealth Management Hong Kong Domestic and South East Asia in Hong Kong, UBS Global Wealth Management, UBS Global Wealth Management

17 September 2021

UBS Women Engage Series: Their Personal Best

Language: English
Vicky Lau, Chef-Proprietor, Tate Dining Room

Adeline Chien, Head, Wealth Management Hong Kong Domestic and South East Asia in Hong Kong, UBS Global Wealth Management, UBS Global Wealth Management

29 July 2021

UBS Women:  Your Wellbeing – Dare to dig deep?

Language: English
Sonia Samtani, Founder and CEO, All About You

Belinda Koo, Managing Director, Global Family Office, APAC, UBS Global Wealth Management

UBS Women Series:

Their Personal Best

Date: 18 June, 2021

Language: English

Sonia Cheng, CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group

Adeline Chien, Head, Wealth Management Hong Kong Domestic and South East Asia in Hong Kong, UBS Global Wealth Management

UBS Women Series:

The post-epidemic strategies

Date: 16 April, 2021

Language: Mandarin

Doreen Wang, CEO, Kantar China

Marina Lui, Group Managing Director, Head, Wealth Management China, UBS Global Wealth Management

UBS Women Series:

An Entrepreneurial Exchange with Marina Lui

Date: 6 May, 2021

Language: Cantonese

Speaker: Dr. Joanne Shi, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chairman, Yee On (TCM) Medical Clinic Ltd.

Host: Marina Lui, Group Managing Director, Head, Wealth Management China, UBS Global Wealth Management

In Fact

Women want to be served with a different dialogue that places greater focus on their aspirations as opposed to pure investment outcomes.

88% of women want to make a positive social impact – want to invest socially responsible1.

80% of women will have to manage money on their own at some point in life2.

Women tend to use their wealth as a source of safety rather than as a chance.

Our research1 revealed that many women delegate long-term financial decisions – such as investments, pensions and insurance – to their spouses when they get married. That’s risky. As life moves on, different circumstances and events can force women to take control of their finances – when they’re least prepared to do so.

But it’s a different story for women who share decisions with their partners about long-term finances. They feel confident about the future and their money today, and they’re better prepared for whatever might happen tomorrow.

Life events

Few life journeys are neatly mapped out. More often, life presents us with forks in the road and detours. We take on these challenges because they enrich our lives – even if some of them are less welcome than others. But one thing remains true: a long-term asset development plan that safeguards your wealth will prepare you for many of life’s twists and turns.

Whatever phase of life you’re in, know what to keep in mind when it comes to your finances.

First job

  • Are you taking control of your personal finances and contracts?
  • Are you making your first investments and analysing how much risk you can take on?
  • Are you protecting yourself from adverse events?

Partnership and marriage

  • Are you prepared for major expenses, such as buying a home, which often come at the beginning of your life as a couple?
  • Have you arranged your joint finances?
  • Since life doesn’t always go as planned, have you found a suitable setup for a shared future?

Family and children

  • Have you assessed and prioritized your goals and made sure they’re in line with your added family members' expenses? Have you considered the great importance you will attach to your children’s education and to fulfilling their dreams?
  • Having children is often paired with a phase of increased expenses. What impact do these changed conditions have on the long-term development of your wealth? Who will ensure that the assets they inherit are preserved and used properly?


  • Standing on your own feet financially, the question of how to invest sensibly becomes relevant. How much risk are you able and willing to bear?  What short- to medium-term goals and wishes would you like to finance?
  • How to continue building up assets for future goals and set up your own investment portfolio at an early stage? How can you safeguard your desired standard of living over the long term? Which pension instruments are worth investing in?


  • Before deciding on a property, what is its market value? What is the best way of financing it?
  • What are you passionate about? People often wish to give something back to society by helping those less fortunate, getting involved in environmental projects or finding other worthy causes. How should you proceed to ensure that your money gets to the right place?

Separation/ new partner

  • In the event of a divorce, joint assets and retirement assets are divided. Have you considered that this may lead to a significant change in your financial situation?
  • Have you considered that finances and contracts will need to be unravelled and adapted to your new circumstances?
  • Are you aware of how important it is to rebuild your financial independence and confidence?


  • Assessing the future is a crucial factor. Have you thought about when to stop working, pension schemes and health expenses?
  • Various retirement assets can be paid out when you stop working. Have you taken into consideration the fact that they’re taxed differently from other income?
  • Have you gauged how much financial flexibility you’ll have, especially as your focus might begin to shift towards travel, grandchildren, voluntary activities and realizing personal dreams and hobbies?

Gifting and inheritance

  • In many cases, some or all of your assets may already be earmarked for loved ones. If so, have you thought of involving them in your current investment decisions?  Would your successors invest the same way as you?
  • Do you have arrangements in place for the assets you wish to pass on? Don’t forget to check if special tax rules should be taken into account, including foreign rules.

Women’s Wealth 2030

Parity, power, purpose

The 2020s are set to be transformational for women’s wealth and with it the global economy.  However, in order to unleash its true potential by 2030, major challenges must be overcome.  As we look ahead to 2030, there is a need to recalibrate global systems and promote gender lens investing, with a focus on parity, power and purpose.

Let’s explore 

The rising trends in the decades ahead.

Women's Wealth 2030 - Parity, power, purpose
  • Women's wealth will grow


    every decade.

  • With more gender diversity, there's a potential


    GDP increase totaling $160 trillion.

  • Women-owned startups generate


    more revenue.

  • Only


    of global venture funding goes to businesses with all-women teams.

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