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UBS Investor Watch on the Year Ahead

As we begin not just another year but a new decade, UBS decided to look at how investors globally are preparing for the future.


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Wealth Insights 2020

2020 will be pivotal. Key issues remain in the year ahead and the path forward is increasingly dominated by political choice, evolution of the US-China trade dispute and game-changing technologies. All will be crucial for shaping economic and financial market outcomes.

This year's Wealth Insights: The Decade of Transformation will help investors understand what drives the world today and tomorrow, and the implications they have on both risks and opportunities in 2020 and beyond.

Shifting Asia hub

Explore the major trends shaping Asian markets and how they could impact investors over the next 5–10 years.

Fresh perspectives

The changing face of wealth

The face of wealth is evolving and women now hold 30% of private wealth*, but they tell us the industry doesn’t understand their values, needs and goals. It’s clearly time for change.

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A roadmap to navigate political tensions

The road to cashless societies

A cashless transition is happening in Asia. 688 million people in China used WeChat on this CNY’s eve to send and receive Hongbao. So, is cash disappearing from Asia?

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