Asia, a bright spot for income investors

UBS Asia Income Bond Fund

Please read the important information of the fund before proceeding

UBS (HK) Fund Series – Asia Income Bond (USD)

1. The Fund, UBS (HK) Fund Series – Asia Income Bond (USD) ("UBS Asia Income Bond Fund”), invests primarily in debt securities issued or guaranteed by bodies in, registered in, or with significant operations in Asia (including emerging markets) including but not limited to government and non-government bonds (including bonds issued by local authorities, supra-nationals, agencies and corporate entities); fixed rate, variable rate (including floating rate), inflation-linked, convertible, secured, and unsecured, debt securities.

2. The Fund’s investments may be subject to risks associated with debt securities (such as credit/counterparty risk, interest rate risk, downgrading risk, valuation risk, credit rating risk, credit rating agency risk, volatility and liquidity risk, sovereign debt risk, and risk associated with debt securities rated below investment grade and/or unrated), investing in Mainland China (such as regulatory risk, tax risk, RMB currency and conversion risk, CIBM risk, Bond Connect risk, and RQFII risk), currency and exchange rate, currency hedging, concentration and emerging markets.

3. The Fund’s investments are concentrated in Asia (including China). The value of the Fund may be more volatile than that of a fund having a more diverse portfolio of investments, and more susceptible to adverse economic, political, policy, foreign exchange, liquidity, tax, legal or regulatory event affecting Asia (including China).

4. The Fund may invest in debt instruments with loss-absorption features. Such instruments are subject to greater risks when compared to traditional debt instruments as such instruments are typically subject to the risk of being written down or converted to ordinary shares upon the occurrence of pre-defined trigger event(s) which are likely to be outside of the issuer’s control. Such trigger events are complex and difficult to predict and may result in a significant or total reduction in the value of such instruments.

5.The Fund may use financial derivative instruments for investment and hedging purposes. The Fund’s net derivative exposure may be up to 50% of the Fund’s net asset value. The use of financial derivative instruments may involve additional risks such as counterparty/credit risk, liquidity risk, valuation risk, volatility risk and over-the-counter transaction risk.

6.In respect of unit classes with "-mdist" in their name, dividends may be paid from capital or effectively out of capital (i.e. pay distributions out of gross income while charging/ paying all or part of the Fund’s fees and expenses to/out of the capital of the Fund, resulting in an increase in distributable income for the payment of distributions) of the Fund, at the discretion of the manager, which amount to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor's original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Any such dividends may result in an immediate decrease of the net asset value per unit.

7.The fixed rate distribution unit classes (i.e. unit classes with "5%-mdist" in their name) continue to distribute in periods that the Fund has negative return or is making losses, which further reduces the net asset value of the Fund.

8.This investment may involve risks that could result in loss of part or entire amount of investors’ investment.

9.Investors should not invest in the Fund solely based on this document and should read the relevant offering documents for further details including risk factors.

10.Investors are responsible for their investment decisions and should seek independent financial and professional advice if required.

Investors who are looking for strong, relatively steady income, Asia continues to be the place to invest.

Portfolio Manager, 
UBS Asia Income Bond Fund

Dynamic, diverse, defensive

The Fund is an average investment grade fixed income portfolio that aims to provide good and consistent income through dynamically managed credit, country and duration exposures.

Regular income stream 1, 2 with defensive average Investment Grade credit rating

Dynamic allocation; flexibility in Investment Grade, High Yield, duration, and currency for diversification

Focus on attractive risk-adjusted returns and total return

Why is Asia a bright spot for income investors?

1. Strong fundamentals

Asia is a fast-growing region in the world with relatively low Debt-to-GDP ratios compare to some G7 countries and with improved credit fundamentals. Asian sovereign credit ratings are now all investment grade.

Debt-to-GDP ratio

Source: IMF, as of end February 2023.

Credit rating change in 2015/2022

Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P. As of end February 2023.

2. Attractive Asian bond yields

Asian bond yields are more attractive than last year, and yields in Asia are higher than those in the US and EU.

Asian Investment Grade Bond Yields

Source: Bloomberg. As of end February 2023. Yield Rate is not guaranteed.

Asia High Yield Bond Yields

Why UBS Asia Income Bond?

Interesting payout ratio:
8.1% p.a. (USD/HKD A-mdist ) 6,7
7.4% p.a. (RMB hedged A-mdist) 6,7

Defensive, investment grade ~75% of portfolio

Flexible exposure to Asian bonds, active duration management1

Experienced Team Management2

  1. The asset portfolio is actively managed, so UBS/portfolio managers can change the allocation and positions at any time at their sole discretion.
  2. Sources: Indicators, 2020; Morningstar, 2017. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Available share classes

Share class

Share class



Distribution yield

Distribution yield

Share class

Class A USD-acc



Distribution yield

Distribution reinvested

Share class

Class A USD-mdist6,7



Distribution yield


Share class

Class A USD-5%-mdist6,7



Distribution yield


Share class

Class A HKD-mdist6,7



Distribution yield


Share class

Class A HKD-5%-mdist6,7



Distribution yield


Share class

Class A RMB hedged-mdist6,7



Distribution yield


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