Sustainable and Impact Investing

Sustainable outcomes, without compromise

Our expertise

We bring the transparency, metrics and thought leadership needed to make informed investment choices whether you’re seeking ESG compliance, impact or ‘transition’ investing. Our goal is performance excellence while driving positive change.

What sets us apart

Our commitment to sustainability

At UBS, our approach to sustainability is a constant expression of our purpose. For more than two decades, our firm has been at the forefront of sustainable finance.

Our approach

We have a range of products across asset classes that have sustainability playing a significant role in the investment process. We also offer tailored solutions that span the sustainability spectrum, including ESG integration, tilt toward a specific E, S or G factor, thematic, positive screening, impact or exclusions.

Our engagement

We have a comprehensive engagement program in place that embraces our stewardship of capital to help our clients drive positive change in the industry.

Our ESG approach

We firmly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for clients investing in sustainability, and that’s why we look at it across all facets – be that exclusions, screening, developing sustainability, impact or transition focused strategies, or through ESG integration. Read more about how we can help support your sustainable investment goals here(PDF, 535 KB)

Exclusion and ESG integration

Avoidance of investments which are deemed undesirable either by UBS or our clients. Integration of ESG factors in the investment process alongside traditional financial metrics, in conjunction with ESG relevant risk analysis that helps us look to the future to identify long-term risks and opportunities, and invest accordingly.

Sustainability focused strategies

Extended criteria for exclusions (which go beyond the standard exclusions); Positive sustainability characteristics; Engagement is prioritized with ESG improvers; Compliance with the EU-Taxonomy: Risk based screening to identify those higher risk issuers which are to be avoided in the investable universe.

Impact (thematic) strategies

Our Impact strategies meet the minimum criteria of the sustainability focused strategies and additionally include a verifiable impact measurement. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) create the framework for impact investing.

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