UBS Swiss Financial Advisers (UBS-SFA) is an investment adviser based in Switzerland.

Our focus is helping US investors easily invest abroad, allowing them to take advantage of diversification through our broad international offering.

A wide range of investment solutions

Your benefit

No matter what your individual situation is, a relationship with UBS Swiss Financial Advisers provides a wealth of advantages.

International Diversification

  • Geographical separation of assets
  • Multi-currency, multi asset capabilities
  • Availability of funds outside the US
  • Broad international investment range


  • Historically, politically and economically stable
  • Located centrally, in the heart of Europe
  • A blend of cultural values
  • Contractual relationship under Swiss law
  • Swiss client confidentiality

US Tax Reporting

  • Substitute Form 1099 filed with the IRS, with a copy to the client
  • Customized tax statement (gain-loss statement)

Wealth Management Tradition

  • Comprehensive expertise and execution capability with international investments
  • Protection of customers' privacy is essential