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Rachel Delacour, CEO and Co-Founder of Sweep

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  • The world has a choice – reduce carbon emissions or face climate-induced global catastrophe. Businesses can play a big role in accelerating global decarbonization, but they need the right tools to tackle this big and complex task.
  • Sweep, a carbon management and reduction software company, makes it easy for corporate and financial organizations to measure, reduce, and report their carbon emissions.
  • Already used by 4,000 users globally, Sweep empowers them to take coordinated data-driven action with teams, supply chain partners and portfolio companies – helping them reduce their planetary impact and grow in sustainable ways.
  • Sweep believes businesses should see climate-related data as a creative force for innovation and positive growth – paving their way to become a "Forever Company."
  • Rachel Delacour is a serial entrepreneur and leading figure in European technology. She co-founded Sweep in 2020 to contribute to solving the consequences of climate change. Rachel sees Sweep as a love letter to the pioneers working to solve the climate crisis, and a rallying cry to every company that wants to make a real difference.
Managing carbon isn't a limitation – it's a creative force that can ignite innovation and growth. We want to help every business meet their carbon targets and become a Forever Company.

Sweep works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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