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Full harvest work on climate action
  • More than 20 billion pounds of cosmetically imperfect or unharvested produce are wasted each year on U.S. farms alone, while food waste has been found to be the #1 cause of climate change1, now requiring urgent and necessary action.
  • Full Harvest was founded to solve this problem using technology to create the first and only online B2B marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce. The company’s vision is a world with zero food waste and 100% 'full harvests', where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption.
  • Full Harvest currently works with some of the largest farms and food companies in the world helping them to save time and money, while significantly improving their sustainability – a win-win-win for businesses, people and the planet.
  • In addition to working to reduce food waste, Full Harvest is also bringing innovation to a largely untapped industry. Currently, the produce industry is up to 96% offline. Full Harvest launched an online marketplace to help companies create greater efficiencies within their sourcing operations and ultimately improve their bottom lines.
  • Through the Full Harvest marketplace, commercial produce buyers have complete and instant transparency to a nationwide network of growers, giving them the ability to make purchasing decisions fast. Buyers can create orders in just a few clicks and have the farms confirm the orders with no human interaction other than logistics. This is a gamechanger for the industry.
  • Christine Moseley is a passionate serial social entrepreneur. She became determined to address on-farm food waste after visiting a large farm and watching up to 75% of the romaine leaves being wasted in order to only capture the romaine heart for grocery stores. She'd later learn that one-quarter of all edible produce is wasted globally on farms and vowed to solve this problem with technology and innovation.
  • Christine has more than 15 years of experience in logistics and food at Fortune 100 companies (Maersk, P&G) as well as high-growth food start-ups. She assisted Organic Avenue, an NYC healthy food + juice start-up, in doubling in size as Head of Strategic Projects and Business Development. Christine holds an MBA from Wharton and a BA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She was recently recognized as Inc.’s Top 100 Female Founders and Fortune's #2 Most Innovative Woman in Food & Drink as well as a World Economic Forum SDG Champion.
Christine Moseley
My vision is a world where there is 0% food waste and 100% 'full harvests', where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption. We aim to reinvent the produce supply chain with technology to bring the industry online and maximize resources.

Full Harvest works towards this UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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