Strong momentum with our clients in challenging markets

In 2022, the combined impact of persistent inflation, rapid central bank tightening, the Russia–Ukraine war, and other geopolitical tensions affected asset pricing levels and investor sentiment. Our unwavering commitment to our clients enabled us to maintain positive momentum across the firm. Against this backdrop, we attracted USD 60bn in net new fee-generating assets1 in GWM for the full year, USD 25bn of net new money in AM (of which USD 26bn in Money Market), and CHF 2bn of net new investment products for Personal Banking, an 8% growth rate. As clients repositioned their investments in response to interest rate increases, we captured demand for higher yield through our savings products, certificates of deposit and money market funds. And we delivered a 17% YoY increase in net interest income across GWM and P&C in 2022. While private clients generally remained on the sidelines throughout the year due to high uncertainty and unfavorable market trends, institutional clients were very active, driven by sustained equity market volatility in 1H22, and by strong FX and rates markets in 2H22.

In Americas, for the full year, GWM attracted net new fee-generating assets1 of USD 17bn, and we closed the year with another strong quarter in advisor recruiting. We continued to see positive momentum in Private Markets, which attracted USD 10bn net new commitments, and in our SMA2 offering, which contributed USD 21bn of net new money in AM.

In Switzerland, we retained our position as #1 bank3. In 2022, we saw USD 7bn net new loans and USD 9bn net new deposits in GWM and P&C combined, contributing to record loan and deposit volumes, and we attracted USD 9bn net new fee-generating assets1.

In EMEA, we generated USD 20bn of net new fee-generating assets1 and we completed the sale of our domestic wealth management business in Spain, which further optimizes our footprint. In the IB, our Global Markets business had its best year on record, and we outperformed the fee pool in Global Banking.

In APAC, we attracted USD 14bn of net new fee-generating assets1 for the year, and we were #1 in equity capital markets4 for non-domestic banks. We also delivered the best M&A year on record5, and were recently named the best Investment Bank6 in Asia and Australia by Finance Asia.

We continued to improve the way we manage, change and develop technology, and we have been fostering our engineering culture. For instance, 65% of our applications are currently on the Cloud, and engineers make up 68% of the technology teams that have transitioned to Agile. We achieved this while remaining disciplined on costs, progressing our cost-saving program as planned and investing in our growth initiatives.

Executing on our strategy and achieved our Group targets in 2022

In 2022, we remained focused on executing our strategy, and delivered a return on CET1 capital of 17.0% and a cost/income ratio of 72.1%, in line with our Group targets. PBT was USD 9,604m (up 1% YoY). Total revenues decreased 2% YoY, with operating expenses down 4%. Net profit attributable to shareholders was USD 7,630m (up 2% YoY), with diluted earnings per share of USD 2.25.

4Q22 PBT was USD 1,937m (up 12% YoY). Total revenues were down 8% YoY, while operating expenses decreased 13%. The cost/income ratio was 75.8%. Net profit attributable to shareholders was USD 1,653m (up 23% YoY), with diluted earnings per share of USD 0.50. The return on CET1 capital was 14.7%. We repurchased USD 1.3bn of shares in 4Q22.

Positioned to fund growth and deliver strong capital returns in 2023

We maintained a strong capital position, ending the year with a CET1 capital ratio of 14.2% and a CET1 leverage ratio of 4.42%, both significantly in excess of our guidance of ~13% and >3.7%, respectively. Our balance sheet remains strong, with a high-quality loan book where 95% of our loans7 are collateralized, and with an average LTV of less than 55%.

For the financial year 2022, we intend to propose an ordinary dividend of USD 0.55 per share8. We repurchased USD 5.6bn of shares in 2022, and we expect to repurchase more than USD 5bn of shares during 2023. Our highly accretive, capital-light business model, with a balance sheet for all seasons and disciplined cost management, position us well to continue executing our growth strategy and deliver strong capital returns, while weathering the challenges of the current macroeconomic environment.