Zurich, 1 November 2022 – The current real estate market – characterized by a shortage and continued high demand – isn’t making it easy for people looking to find the right property. This makes planning the financing of an ideal property early on all the more important in order to optimize the search and secure the dream residence for the long-term. This is exactly where the new partnership between SMG and UBS comes into play, giving users of SMG real estate platforms direct access to UBS’s comprehensive mortgage expertise. The new range of services includes advice, innovative and customized financing options, mortgage and purchase price calculators and lots of other useful information about real estate financing and owning your own home.

“I’m delighted that we’re able to add SMG, one of the leading providers of digital market places in Switzerland, to our home & living ecosystem. It’s our common goal to make the path to home ownership as smooth as possible. With just a few clicks, anyone wanting to buy can request a customized financing offer for their property of interest directly on the SMG real estate platforms. There is a broad range available to them – from direct comparisons of offers from various providers on our innovative key4 by UBS mortgage platform to in-depth advice from our UBS experts,” says Sabine Magri, Chief Operating Officer UBS Switzerland. As one of Switzerland’s large universal banks, UBS has first-class, comprehensive expertise on the mortgage market in the area of real estate financing. UBS’s innovative offers also include the digital mortgage platform key4 by UBS for owner-occupied residential real estate and investment properties. The entire UBS home & living ecosystem now includes around 30 successful partnerships – from insurance companies to a variety of additional services covering the management of an own home, selling real estate and also sustainability.

“Collaborating with such a renowned partner like UBS is good news for anyone using our popular online market places. Fulfilling the dream of having an own home stands and falls with raising the necessary funds. For our users, the path to successful financing is now practically one click away. This is the perfect addition to our already wide range of useful tips and tools for real estate and real estate financing,” explains Martin Waeber, Managing Director of Real Estate, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group.

The partnership builds on the many years of collaboration between UBS and various SMG market places. Starting today on 1 November 2022, initial offers from the new partnership will be available to users on Homegate and FinanceScout24. The collaboration will then be expanded and extended to the real estate platform ImmoScout24.

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