UBS Sophomore Diversity Program Explore your future in finance with us

Your Future in Finance

Our Sophomore Diversity Program offers ethnically diverse students an opportunity to learn more about who we are and what a career with us could look like. In this program, we provide the tools to help you jump start your future in finance through a workshop in our New York office. And the best part is, we'll also pair you with a mentor in senior leadership to offer ongoing support as you consider what UBS has to offer.

During our program you'll:

  • Network with our experts who will help you consider which career path (or paths) might be right for you
  • Learn from our leaders and listen to them speak on best practices for your development
  • Enjoy interactive sessions that will develop your understanding of the different business areas we offer
  • Connect with your mentor who will be your go-to resource for career advice as internship opportunities and interviews begin to take shape

At UBS, we value a workforce of diverse experiences, skills and perspectives. Together. That's how we do things. Your future can be in finance, and it can start right here.

Who we're looking for:

It doesn't matter what you're studying, it really doesn’t! Involvement on campus, a proactive personality and a genuine interest in the financial services industry are all things that will help you stand out. To be considered for our 2018 program, you'll need to be a current college sophomore with a minimum 3.2 GPA. African-, Hispanic- and Native-American students meeting these criteria are encouraged to apply in early 2018.