Family networks

Family networks

FamilyMatters@UBS in the UK and the Working Parents Network in the US provide discussion forums and support groups for employees, whether mother, father, son, daughter or sibling. The networks offer access to resources designed to improve the well-being of employees and their families. They also support the retention and advancement of staff with family commitments by addressing work-life issues in order to create a more productive environment for all UBS employees.

Two programs offered by these networks include:

Parent Match

Parent Match is a program designed to connect working parents at UBS with other working parents. Each pair of parents acts as a resource or sounding board for one another.

Parent Primer Workshop

The Parent Primer Workshop provides UBS employees with an overview of UBS policies, benefits and programs specifically targeting expecting parents.

In addition, parents in Japan can participate in Oya Connect, an informal network that pairs experienced parents with new mothers and fathers returning from parental leave.