How do I filter the list of my account transactions?

You can find your account transactions under «Assets > Account > Transactions».
In «Transactions», you have access to a range of different filter criteria.

  • Searching in the «Recipient/Originator» field allows you to view all of the payments for a particular originator/beneficiary.
  • The «Select» function allows you to choose between the booking or closing date.
  • The «Sort» function allows you to specify whether you would like the amounts sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • «Period» allows you to filter out transactions within a specified period (for example, the last 30 days) or according to your own specifications.
  • «Booking amount» allows you to find particular transactions (exact amount or from/to) faster.
  • The «Search for» function allows you to define even more filter criteria, for example by recipient or card number.

Click on «Apply» once you have defined all of the filter criteria.

You can access the expanded view of account transactions by switching from «Reduced» to «Expanded» under «Assets > Account > Transactions». In this view, you can also select transactions based on the type of transaction, booking or business case.

Please note that switching to the «expanded» view wipes any information you may have entered, and you will have to make your selection again and confirm it with the «Apply» button.

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. You can find the telephone number in the right-hand column.