How do I save my mobile number in e-banking in order to receive security messages?

We will send you an SMS to immediately inform you about any security incidents in e-banking or mobile banking. Save your mobile number in e-banking so that we can provide you with the relevant information.

The saved telephone number will also be used to confirm online purchases made with your credit card (3-D Secure) if a connection cannot be established with the Access app (e.g. when you are abroad).

Save mobile number in e-banking

  1. Log on to e-banking.
  2. Navigate to “Cards > Settings & services” and enter your number under “Mobile phone number for security messages”. Please do not include the 0 at the beginning of the number, as the +41 international calling code for Switzerland is automatically added before it.
  3. Check the “Mobile number for security messages” box.
  4. Following the instructions to complete the save process.