When you call the UBS Card Center, you can now identify yourself quickly and easily using the UBS Access App. The security questions previously used for identification will now only be used in exceptional cases.

Identification via the Access App is not just more secure than answering questions, it’s also much faster. It’s based on the tried-and-tested security standard of the UBS Access App.

Important: Only use the Access App to identify yourself if you’ve called the UBS Card Center yourself on a number you recognize. If someone calls you and asks you to use the Access App, please hang up immediately.

  1. You call the UBS Card Center.
  2. You receive a push notification on your mobile phone.
  3. Log in to the Access App via push notification.
  4. Access the one-time code and give it to the UBS Card Center employee on the telephone.
  5. The UBS Card Center employee will validate the code. This completes the identification process and the call can begin.