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Invest in funds, and you're putting your money into the hands of experts. Find out how our fund managers invest your money in line with your specifications.

Funds for every market environment

Flexible asset allocation

The more flexible an investment strategy is, the greater the potential it offers in different market situations. The funds “UBS Systematic Allocation Portfolio” invest in accordance with a quantitative model from UBS GWM Chief Investment Office (CIO), which drives the equity allocation and the associated portfolio shifts.

UBS Funds

UBS Strategy Funds Sustainable

With Strategy Funds, you lay a foundation for sustainable investments. You invest exclusively in bonds and equities.

Strategy Xtra Funds

Choose UBS Strategy Xtra Funds and you're putting your money into bonds and equities. Putting a small amount in hedge funds too is a sensible way of complementing your portfolio.

Suisse Funds

Invest in UBS Suisse Funds and you're putting your trust in Swiss values. You're investing mainly in Swiss equities, bonds and real estate.

Awards for our top funds

Investment funds from UBS are repeatedly honored with awards from various independent rating agencies (such as Lipper, Morningstar). They speak for the quality and the sustainable portfolio management of the winning funds.

Invest with success

This example shows that it is possible to build up a small fortune even with minor amounts if they are invested regularly and over a longer period of time. Use our Investment Calculator to get a better feel for financial investments and wealth creation.

All around investments

UBS Quotes

Quotes informs you around the clock about the latest market activity in the world's major trading centers.

UBS Fund Gate

UBS Fund Gate provides up-to-date product information about all UBS Funds authorised for distribution in Switzerland.

UBS Investment Fund Account

The investment fund account offers attractive potential returns. You can also access your money at any time.

Fund Information

Our funds at a glance as well as the associated tax value lists.

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