White Labelling Solutions

Make the most of your investment know-how

White Labelling Solutions (WLS) is UBS's center of excellence for third party fund concepts and bespoke solutions. We specialize in structuring, launching and administering tailor-made traditional or alternative fund solutions for wholesale, institutional and wealth management clients in Europe, Middle East and APAC.

With our comprehensive approach, we ensure the implementation and the life cycle management of third party funds by coordinating with all internal and external stakeholders.

Leveraging the capabilities of our experienced Fund Management Companies in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Ireland, we manage and look after more than 80 clients, 160 third party asset managers and 540 products. For over twenty years we have been trusted by our third party clients and partners.

Delivering the best of our capabilities to you

Allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – asset management and/or distribution activities – our highly experienced White Labelling Services can help you by taking on the workload. We offer:

  • Fund structuring (UCITS, AIFS, and other collective investments schemes)
  • Coordination and project management right across your fund range
  • Monitoring external service providers such as asset managers or distributors
  • Risk management, compliance and governance services
  • Administration
  • Marketing reports and reports to investors, regulators and tax authorities as required by law

Services for several investment classes

We propose our services for several investment classes bundled with different possible fund structures according to Swiss, Luxembourg and Irish law.

Efficient investment fund solutions

Our bespoke and efficient investment fund solutions enable banks, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors to concentrate on their core functions and benefit from our extensive know-how, optimized processes and platforms.

Collaboration with Central Administrators

UBS Management Companies work with a limited number of best-in-class selected Central Administrators while you as a white labelling client will have a contract only with the UBS Management Company.

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