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Transitioning to a more sustainable future

At UBS sustainability means thinking and acting with the long term in mind. It’s an integral part of our business, from the products, services and advice we offer, to the way we work and operate in society. For UBS this is nothing new. For over two decades, we have had a focus on sustainable finance.

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China – A new world order

China is a key component of the new investment world. With the rapid transformation of its economy, China plays also a leading role in the area of digitization trends. China, the first country to be confronted with COVID-19, is now the world pioneer in finding a way out of the crisis. It is one of the first economies in the world showing signs of recovery.

Climate conscious – no longer an option

We have developed a climate conscious investment concept that helps investors to align their portfolios on a climate friendly future. Our range of climate related solutions which is controlled via our asset classes, offers sustainable results for your investment requirements.

Our presentations and panel participations

Wednesday, 27 April, 12:00h

Is now the time to invest in China Equity? Projit Chatterjee, CFA, Managing Director, Senior Equity Specialist, EM and Asia Pacific Equities

Wednesday, 27 April, 14:00h

ESG ETFs – What is the sustainable performance & impact? Adrian Steiner, Director, ETF & Index Fund Sales Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Wednesday, 27 April, 14:30h

Transitioning to a more sustainable future. Eveline Maechler, SI Specialist, introduces you to UBS Asset Management's SI framework and how we plan to mobilise capital for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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