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With UBS at FINANZ'19 at StageOne in Oerlikon

UBS will once again be taking part in Finanz'19, Switzerland's most important financial trade fair, in 2019. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss current issues with our financial experts directly at our stand or visit one of the exciting presentations. Take this opportunity to obtain information first-hand from experts.
Finanz'19 will take place on 22/23 January 2019 and is open only to professional investors.

Visit us at booth S. 35. We look forward to seeing you!

UBS Highlights

  • Bewegung im Schweizer Immobilienmarkt. Wie weiter?
    11h15 – 11h45am, UBS Meetingraum, Language D
    Urs Fäs, Head of Investment Products, Real Estate Switzerland
  • Elevated Panel: China as gamechanger in the emerging markets.
    Asset Management 12h00am, Glaskubus II, Sprache E
    Participants: Alexis Freyeisen, UBS Asset Management
    Hanqing Tian, Huatia-PineBridge
    Robert J. Horrocks, Matthews Asia
  • Delivering alpha in China.
    13h00 – 13h30pm, UBS Meetingraum, Language E
    Alexis Freyeisen, Equity Specialist, Global Emerging Markets Equities
  • Emerging Markets Equities – langfristige Chancen in stürmischen Märkten.
    1h30pm, Seminarraum I, Sprache D
    Gabriel Csendes, UBS Asset Management
  • Equity Income: Navigieren durch volatiles Marktumfeld.
    14h30 – 15h00pm, UBS Meetingraum, Language D
    Jie Song, Equity Specialist Systematic and Index Investments
  • Sustainable Investing with Passive: Returns with Impact.
    3h30pm, Seminarraum I, Sprache D
    Raimund Müller, UBS Asset Management
  • Drinks
    from 4h00pm
  • Sustainable Investing – die Umsetzungsperspektive.
    9h45 – 10h15am, UBS Meetingraum, Language D
    Karsten Güttler, Senior Investment Specialist, Sustainable and Impact Investing
  • Effizient im Banking dank innovativer Plattformen.
    10h30am, Seminarraum I, Sprache D
    Dr. Tanja von Ehrlich Treuenstätt, UBS Partner
    Christophe Hefti, UBS Fondcenter
    Hubert Zeller, UBS Fund Management Services
  • Hedge Fund Innovation.
    12h00am, Seminarraum II, Sprache E
    Michael Robinson, UBS Switzerland AG, Global Wealth Management, IPS
  • Mit der richtigen Anleihen – Strategie durch die Zinswende.
    14h00 – 14h30pm, UBS Meetingraum, Language D
    Dr. Martin D. Wiethüchter, Fixed Income Specialist
  • Europa: gute Chancen durch active Aktienselektion.
    15h30 – 16h00pm, UBS Meetingraum, Language D
    Uwe Röhrig, Senior Equity Specialist

For you at FINANZ'19

UBS Distribution partners

Banks, insurance companies and independent asset managers want to generate convincing results for their clients. With us, you will have access to strategies that promise success in the respective current environment. We also create customized investment solutions and provide individual counseling services.

UBS Platform Services

With our three complementary wholesale platform services modules – UBS Fondcenter, Fund Management Services, and UBS Partner – we combine platform technology with advisory and investment expertise to deliver the solution that's right for you.

Passive and ETFs

Index-tracking investment solutions have been a core competence of UBS Asset Management for over 30 years. We have always specialised in a quality indexing approach, which has contributed to us being one of the fastest growing index managers globally.

Global Platform & Execution Funds

(Global Wealth Management IPS, UBS Switzerland AG)

UBS Sales Trading & Execution Services are responsible for the best in class market execution of hedge funds and mutual funds. We provide an access to over 95'000 primary funds which are ready-to-trade and are operating as one of the largest Fund Hub globally of all banks.

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