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When creating a financial plan we need to know what’s important in our clients' lives. We need to know what shaped each person and that in turn helps us uncover their goals and develop a plan. Our clients are very impressive people, with compelling life stories about overcoming adversity and seeking a passion. Our podcast will explore those stories and help uncover our guests' “WHY.” For each guest, we want to know how they grew up. What made them pursue their career? Is it their passion? What’s their guilty pleasure? e.g. food, music. Do they have a cause that’s near and dear to their heart? How do they describe their relationship with money? See who’s stopping by today!

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Rev. Dr. Marta Illueca


Our guest is the Rev. Dr. Marta Illueca, she was born in New York city to an influential Panamanian family. She pursued medicine and graduated at the top of her field. She ultimately became Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Cornell Medical College. After 2 decades of practice she moved into the corporate side of things to help develop new therapeutics within her field. She successfully climbed the corporate ladder, retired young and made yet another career pivot. With an extensive background in medicine she went on to fulfill her spiritual calling. She pursued two separate post graduate degrees (simultaneously). She is now a fellow of the Yale Divinity School and has become an ordained priest in the Episcopal church.

Let’s Talk Legacy! Inaugural episode with NFL legal rockstar, Megha Parekh


In our inaugural episode, Doug Pires and Jess DeBear chat it up with Megha Parekh, chief legal council for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, All Elite Wrestling & Bold Events. Enjoy!

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