Money Move Quiz

What's your money language?

We all know one size does not fit all, and that goes for your financial planning too. Learn your language and make the money move that’s right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas.

You're planning an exotic vacation. You:

  • Discuss with friends who have also been there.
  • Browse photos of things to see.
  • Make a spreadsheet of my itinerary details.
  • Plan lightly so I can tailor my trip once I'm immersed in the culture.

You have a free night this weekend alone. You:

  • Attend a talk at my favorite bookstore.
  • Browse an art gallery.
  • Complete a puzzle.
  • Finish a DIY project.

Choose one:

  • Headphones
  • Book
  • Calculator
  • Hammer

What makes you most excited about the future?

  • Enjoying the luxuries of my hard-earned life.
  • Helping the causes of my choice with time and money.
  • Being my own boss and spending my time however I choose.
  • Being retired with more time to spend with my family.

You're handed a huge check to put toward something important. You:

  • Put it towards my dream home.
  • Use it to improve my community.
  • Put it towards an exciting passion project.
  • Use it to care for the people I love.

In retirement, my priority is:

  • Spending time in my new boat or vacation home.
  • Giving back to my favorite organization.
  • Traveling around the world.
  • Spending quality time with family.

Seeing my financial statements makes me feel:

  • Overwhelmed.
  • A little confused.
  • Calm.
  • Curious and a little excited.

How involved are you in your major financial decisions?

  • My partner/Financial Advisor handles everything.
  • My partner/Financial Advisor takes the lead, but I'm aware of big choices.
  • I'm fairly involved with the important things but avoid the details.
  • I'm very involved and like making choices.

When it comes to your finances, which of these statements do you identify with most?

  • I'm really not great with money.
  • I manage but don't enjoy it.
  • I do pretty well, but I want to do more.
  • I'm a natural and I enjoy it.