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The conversation is now

To acknowledge this important time in our history, in this new Q&A we ask some of the key members of UBS Asset Management's Sustainable and Impact Investing team, what sustainability and ESG investing mean to them and to the environment.

Measuring the social and environmental impact of public companies

Investors want to know how they can contribute to a sustainable world. UBS Asset Management's research on impact measurement is at the forefront of modern day sustainable investing.

Macro Monthly

Evan Brown, Head of Asset Allocation Investment Solutions, examines key macro trends that are moving global markets.

Macro Quarterly: Bridging the gap to a broader recovery

An ongoing struggle continues between virus-induced impairments to economic activity and the powerful policy response that continues to dominate the economic backdrop.

Panorama: Investing in 2021

As we head towards 2021 with renewed hope that vaccines could kickstart economies, how can investors balance risk and return and find investment opportunities?

Quick Takes

The latest Quick Takes discusses why US investors may want to consider an allocation to emerging market equities with a professional active investment manager to gain exposure to new drivers of global growth in EM and to diversify their portfolio.