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Individual Investors and Financial Advisors

Individual Investors and Financial Advisors

A client-focused investment manager

Investors need an asset manager who won't be swayed by the short-term fluctuations of a volatile market place. At UBS Asset Management (Americas) Inc., our deep investment knowledge means we can provide the understanding and flexibility required to meet our clients' investment goals.

Drawing on the breadth and depth of our capabilities and our global reach, we turn challenges into opportunities and deliver holistic solutions to a diverse client base. Not only are we skilled in traditional asset classes and investment styles, we are also a world leader in alternatives and passive strategies, such as single and multi-manager hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and private equity.

Our teams have distinct viewpoints and philosophies but they all share the goals of finding the answers investors need and delivering superior investment performance.

Monthly macro

Market commentary

Macro monthly

Erin Browne, Head of Asset Allocation Investment Solutions, examines key macro trends that are moving global markets.

White paper spotlight

White paper spotlight

Up in the air on carbon: How investors can leverage carbon data

Much of the investment industry has begun incorporating carbon emissions data into investment decisions, but the way forward is complex and requires analysis that goes beyond standard carbon emissions data.

Prediction addiction

Quick takes

Prediction addiction

The extended equity bull market continues…for now. But with no shortage of predictions about what may come next, research has found that focusing too much on these forecasts can potentially distract investors from making sound decisions, and may lead to lower investor returns.