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Investment expertise focused on insurers’ needs

UBS Asset Management delivers the extensive capabilities of a global organization. We offer a powerful combination of investment expertise, backed by independent global investment research and state-of-the-art risk management.

We have worked with a number of insurance companies to solve their investment challenges. Our Client Partnerships highlight examples of how we have worked together with insurers across a number of our key investment capabilities.

Our expertise

Real Estate & Private Markets


Real Estate & Private Markets - Offering core to value-add and opportunistic strategies

UBS Asset Management's Real Estate & Private Markets business is one of the largest managers in real assets worldwide. We currently manage over USD 100 billion globally, including for insurers. We are able to offer access to a range of capabilities that reach across the risk / return spectrum. Our solutions include both direct real estate and infrastructure equity and debt investments or indirect exposure to leading real estate, infrastructure, and private equity managers. We also offer investors the flexibility to access our diverse product range across open- and closed-ended private funds, investment trusts, listed funds, REITs and bespoke separately managed accounts.

» Real Estate – Boots on the ground. Focused on sustainable investment

Our Real Estate solutions include actively managed investments across the major real estate sectors, offering both equity and debt investment opportunities. We offer our product capabilities on a global, regional and country basis. Read our Client Partnership example to find out how we partnered with an insurance client to offer greater diversification whilst preserving capital and securing stable income returns.

» Infrastructure – The case for Infrastructure Debt

Read our short interview with Portfolio Manager, Alessandro Merlo, as he highlights the case for infrastructure debt. He also discusses our infrastructure debt strategy and why he believes it attracted a large portion of Solvency II regulated insurance investors from across Europe. Click here(PDF, 324 KB) to read the interview.

Fixed Income


Fixed Income – Delivering the best of our capabilities to you

At UBS Asset Management we deliver the extensive capabilities of a global organization. From traditional to alternative, our Fixed Income solutions are designed to offer a broad spectrum of capabilities to match your needs, providing the flexibility you require to meet your specific risk profile and investment objective, even under the most difficult market conditions.

» Climate Aware Active Corporate Bonds

We offer a range of climate aware solutions, including our actively managed fixed income strategy. By approaching climate change as a systemic issue, our solution is diversified across sectors whilst maintaining an investment grade average rating, with a low-carbon footprint. Find out more here.

» Short Duration High Yield Sustainable - Where sustainability and risk-adjusted returns come together

The Short Duration High Yield Sustainable strategy aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted income with a conservative tilt from a duration and rating perspective. Crucially, ESG factors are embedded throughout the investment process. Led by Portfolio Manager, Matthew Iannucci, who has managed the strategy since inception in 2011 and is supported by a highly experienced team.

» Tailored Investment Grade Buy and Maintain strategy for Insurers

When we were approached by a client to maintain adequate liquidity, meet liability requirements and achieve a competitive return vs their tailored performance benchmark we first started with an intensive evaluation of their portfolio holdings. Read our Client Partnership example to find out what we did next.



Sustainability – Integrated across the firm

At UBS Asset Management we began investing sustainably over twenty years ago. During that time we have seen ESG rise to the very top of our clients' investment agenda. Sustainability matters to our clients and it matters to us. It’s why for over two decades we have reported regularly on our stewardship activities, ensuring that our proxy voting and engagement activities are transparent and a matter of public record.

We also know however that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to sustainable investing. That's why we offer products and tailored solutions that span the sustainability spectrum, including ESG integration, tilt toward a specific E, S or G factor, thematic, positive screening, impact or exclusions.

» Climate Aware World Equity Strategy – a forward looking approach

Our award-winning Climate Aware World Equity Strategy is an innovative, cost-effective, rules-based equity solution designed to capitalize on the long-term transition to a low greenhouse-gas emissions economy.

The strategy increases or decreases exposures to constituents of the index based on their expected contributions towards climate change. Read more here about how we partnered with a leading UK Pension plan to launch the strategy, and in doing so provided a vital step in preparing their members’ portfolios for the long term.

» Global Sustainable Equity

Our Global Sustainable Equity strategy is a well-diversified, high conviction portfolio of best ideas. Joe Elegante, lead portfolio manager, manages a team that have over 20 years' average industry experience; nine at UBS Asset Management. They leverage the experience of our dedicated SI team, working alongside fundamental analysts, who focus on research and engagement. Read our Client Partnership example to find out how we have worked with an insurance company since 2009 to deliver on policyholders' desire for an ethical investment policy and provided tailored reporting.



Equities – Designed to meet the changing needs of clients

At UBS Asset Management our equities platforms offers a wide spectrum of investment strategies with varying risk and return objectives designed to meet your needs. We have multiple, distinct teams organized around regional capabilities and styles: Global, US, EMEA, APAC, Emerging Markets, Growth and Index-tracking equities. Each of our teams performs extensive research and rigorous portfolio construction. Our aim. To deliver best-in-class strategies that deliver predictable outcomes in an increasingly challenging and complex world.

» China Equities – Investing in industry leaders to deliver alpha

At UBS Asset Management we have been investing in China on behalf of our clients for over 20 years. UBS Asset Management is also the #1 foreign asset manager operating in China*. Our experience and on the ground teams, means that whether you are looking for on- or offshore exposure, we believe we have a strategy that meets your needs. Portfolio Manager, Bin Shi has been recognized with numerous industry awards and works with a dedicated team of China specialists. The team’s distinct investment philosophy is focused on industry leaders in structurally attractive sectors and their rigorous process is based on fundamental research, and proprietary quality assessment. Want to find out more? Read Bin Shi’s 10 key questions on China equity strategy.

» Concentrated Alpha – Specializing in highly active investment strategies

With over 15 years’ experience in stock-picking, the Concentrated Alpha team successfully manages an active equity shelf of Global and European long-only and long/short portfolios. The team's investment philosophy is based on risk vs. reward i.e. good upside potential and limited downside risk. Their differentiated '3-circle' bottom-up process begins with fundamental analysis, followed by quantitative and qualitative analysis. This has remained unchanged since the team was formed in 2004 but continuously enhanced over the years, including the integration of ESG and Big Data/A.I. in quant models.

Investment Solutions


Investment Solutions - Optimized for insurers

At UBS Asset Management we recognize that the very nature of insurance client needs are predicated by unique challenges and requirements. Many insurance clients are not simply looking for a one size fits all solution. We take a multifaceted approach. We leverage the depth and breadth of UBS's global investment resources and in doing so we aim to help clients construct and invest in portfolios that are optimized to their unique needs.

Our experience, built up over 35 years, means we are well placed to deliver a range of investment capabilities from advisory & partnership and implementation to multi-asset and structured solutions.

» Defensive Equity Strategy - Robust downside protection whilst retaining upside opportunities

At UBS Asset Management we appreciate that many clients need to retain a strategic exposure to equities whilst also managing downside risk in order to help meet risk based capital or other requirements e.g. Solvency Capital Requirement. Our Defensive Equity Strategy aims to achieve an optimal balance between upside exposure and downside control over a full market cycle.

Client Partnerships

Take a look at how we have approached a number of insurers challenges and solved the puzzle, together.

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Reporting & analytics

We understand your evolving priorities as an institutional investor and your challenges as an insurer. Critical to this is having access to investment and Solvency II reports that comply with today’s complex regulatory and investment landscape. Which is why we use established analytics and Solvency II reporting capabilities delivered by UBS Delta. Their proven multi-asset class software is used globally by insurers, asset managers, pension schemes and hedge funds.


Today’s investment landscape is a complex one. With our insights, we bring you the best of our market views and asset class insights. Our dedicated webinar series also provides an opportunity to hear directly from investment specialists across the firm and engage in live Q&A sessions.