Our clients

Find out more about the type of clients we serve

We serve a diverse client base from our various locations throughout the world. Clients include both institutional and wholesale intermediary clients, including both UBS’s wealth management businesses and third parties.

Corporate pension schemes

We have managed assets on behalf of a wide range of corporate pension schemes for more than 50 years.

Insurance companies

We offer nuanced solutions to insurers that suit their liabilities, clients, and regulatory constraints.

Sovereigns and central banks

We have partnered with sovereign institutions for more than 30 years to help solve their unique asset allocation challenges.

Financial professionals

We partner with fund distributors throughout the industry and offer a wide shelf of solutions tailored to meet their needs across the entire value chain.

Local government pension schemes

We believe a very distinct approach is needed to address the individual needs of local government pension schemes.


Our relationship teams work across the consultant community and cover both local and global firms.

Charities and endowments

Our bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the individual and specialized needs of charities and endowments.

Private investors

Private investors are a key part of our client base and we provide solutions from a wide range of asset classes.