Becoming climate aware

Mobilizing capital to help meet climate change goals: an investor’s perspective

At the World Economic Forum in Davos we published a new white paper on Becoming Climate Aware, Mobilizing capital to help meet climate change goals: an investor's perspective.

In this paper we address ways in which we can support investors to reach their climate goals and align their portfolios to a climate-smart future.

Key highlights:

The great divide

We explore the extent of the climate finance gap, looking at what is being spent compared to what might actually be needed.

The barriers to investment

We consider some of the challenges that investors face, from regulatory frameworks to data imperfections.

The investors’ perspective

As one of the world’s largest wealth managers, we highlight their differing perspectives.

Are you climate aware?

We suggest an investor-led framework for addressing climate change, outlining a three step model that we believe will help investors.

Looking to the future

Our climate commitments at UBS.

Investors tell us they're looking for climate smart solutions. They need actionable tools and techniques that help them to act now. So that's why UBS has developed a Climate Aware framework that looks at investments by reducing portfolios' carbon footprints, offering the ability to invest in new technologies, and helping investors align their portfolios to their chosen climate glidepath.

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